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Codejock Software's product release notes include updated information for the documentation provided with the each product line. The information contained in this document may be more up-to-date than the information that is provided in the Help system.

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Release Date
Version 15.1.3 August 12, 2011
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor update for ExecuteOnPressInterval feature with Popup Bar
2MaintenanceMinor change to support tooltip in CXTPControlSlider
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed crash on call HidePane(UINT) compiled with Static Library
2MaintenanceFixed crash when Pane with xtpPaneDisabled state closed when its in AutoHide/Visible mode
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed header indentation for print / print preview
2MaintenanceKeep multi-selection for dragging
3MaintenanceFixed indentation if first column is invisible
4MaintenanceAdjustLayout if horizontal scrollbar becomes visible/invisible
5MaintenanceFixed drag and drop bug for empty report control
6MaintenanceFixed smooth scrolling with preview items
7MaintenanceFixed draw grid for empty grid
8MaintenanceMinor fix for OpenEdge support Issue 27056, when you drag the report control columns, the drop markers appear but never disappear when you move from one drop target to the next. This only occurred when it's inside a docking pane
9New FeatureAdded XTPReportMouseDownState, replaced m_ptMouseDown
Calendar Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFix for Issue #26446 "Day should be colored or hatched if all-dayEvent" (2003 - 2010 themes)
2MaintenanceFixed EventView for month-view mode
3MaintenanceImplemented "Show as" status for single day events in month view for 2010 theme
4MaintenanceStart and end timestamps for MultiDay events (week view, month view, columns week view)
Version 15.1.2 August 1, 2011
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed row clipping
2MaintenanceFixed header indention offset
3MaintenanceFix icon/text indent for rows without children
4MaintenanceFix rectangle of first column items
5MaintenanceUse CXTPReportControl::CreateRow / CXTPReportControl::CreateGroupRow instead of new CXTPReportRow_Batch / new CXTPReportGroupRow_Batch
Version 15.1.1 July 19, 2011
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed wizard that didn't add bin folder to system Paths for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual studio 2010 deployments
2MaintenanceRemoved a lot of dependences between sources. Fixed problem with compiler heap overflow in Visual studio 6.0. Optimized compile time
3MaintenanceIAccessible didn't work with Visual Studio 2010 Compiled with x64
4New FeatureCreated setup for Visual Studio 2010 Help integration
# Type Description
1ImportantRemoved m_bFlatSplit and m_dwxStyle properties from CXTPSplitterWnd. These are now handled by the themes. Instead, please use SetTheme(xtpControlThemeFlat) to set flat splitter and use EnableBorder to set borders (See Splitter sample)
2New FeatureAdded EnableFullDrag, EnableDotTracker, EnableNoSize for CXTPSplitterWnd (See Splitter sample)
3MaintenanceFixed some issues with split box and full drag windows, updates to theme and studio project
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureUpdated ImageEditor. Now it used png alpha icons with Win9x OS too
2New FeatureEnableToolbarComposition added for Windows 7 and Visa
3New FeatureAdvanced CXTPRecentFileList added to control Caption, IconId, Pin State. ActiveX RecentFileListItem added
4New FeatureExecuteOnPressInterval implemented for Popup menus too
5New FeatureEnhanced VisualStudio 2010 style Tabs and Panes.
6New FeatureAdded new CXTPGalleryListBox and CXTPRecentFileListBox
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Office 2010 Blue, Black and Silver Skins
2MaintenanceEnhanced Skinned menus for large bitmaps in menu items
3MaintenanceFix for Caption button on Maximized frame with Windows 7/Vista
4MaintenanceFixed problem in SkinBuilder that can lead to very random crash in rare cases after reload of skin
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhanced Office2010 style expand Buttons
2New FeatureTooltip of PropertyGridView when item is too long now also use TooltipContext background
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureDrawTextNoPrefix option added for ShortcutBar
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem with loading old 13.4 settings
2MaintenanceMade select all (Ctrl+A) recursive to select child records
3MaintenanceFixed header indent of grouped rows, thread details
4MaintenanceFixed glyph position, thread details
5MaintenanceFixed issue #26475, bug with SetFocusable(FALSE)
6MaintenanceFixed VK_LEFT case where no parent row exists
7MaintenanceFixed bug when ^^ is pressed, thread details
8MaintenanceFixed SetMultipleSelection(FALSE) and Ctrl+Click bug, thread details
9MaintenanceImproved watermark drawing, avoid painting report areas twice
10MaintenanceFixed issue #26393, Wrong Alignment in Group Caption using SUMSUB
11MaintenanceFixed issue #23851, row pointer in CXTPReportControl::OnRButtonDown could have been invalid after XTP_NM_REPORT_VALUECHANGED message
12MaintenanceFixed Issue #26324, GetCaption() only worked for items with constraints at least drawn once
13MaintenanceFixed Issue #26308, SelectionChanged didn't fire on invisible records
14MaintenanceFixed Issue #26258. Delay edit captured the mouse
15MaintenanceAdded support for SetFocusedRow(NULL) to clear focus
16MaintenanceFixed issue #26263 (App crash when clicking on preview row with AllowEdit=true)
17New FeatureAdded ReportHyperlinkStyle class, removed HyperLinkColor member from report paint manager
18New FeatureAdded LockExpand() property to report control and rows
19New FeatureAdded EditOnDoubleClick and IsEditOnDoubleClick to Report control
20New FeatureAdded customizable report behavior and default sets for Excel and Outlook, see XTPReportBehavior enum, ReportBehaviorRowMouseButton, ReportBehaviorRowMouseRow, ReportBehaviorRow, ReportBehavior classes
21New FeatureAdded PinFooterRowsPrinted to Report control
22New FeatureAdded m_nTreeTextIndentRowParent, m_nTreeTextIndentRowChildren, m_nTreeTextIndentGroupRow
23New FeatureAdded smooth scrolling, XTPReportScrollMode enum
24New FeatureAllow header/footer records with VirtualMode
25New FeatureAdded more hit test codes for header, body and footer rows. See XTPReportHitTestInfoCode enum
26New FeatureAdded AllowGroup, HeaderRowsAllowGroup, FooterRowsAllowGroup to allow row grouping
27MaintenanceFixed RTL scrolling
28New FeatureAdded header\footer sorting
29MaintenanceFixed WYSIWYG printing mode and print preview mode
30MaintenanceFixed group row vertical text alignment
31MaintenanceFixed frozen column printing
32MaintenanceFixed some clipping issues with print preview
33New FeatureAdded EnableDoubleBuffering / IsDoubleBuffering, added checks for out of GDI objects condition
34ImportantBreaking change, Removed m_nMergePreviousCells, m_nMergePreviousVerticalCells from CXTPReportRecordItem, added MergeItems
35ImportantReplaced CXTPReportRow::m_nRowType by CXTPReportRow::m_pSection
36New FeatureAdded CXTPReportRows::Find(CXTPReportRecord *pRecord, BOOL bRecursive)
37New FeatureMade CanEditCheckboxItem methods public
Calendar Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor fix for DatePicker with Thai locale
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor optimization for Visual Studio .NET 2010
Chart Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureChartLegend::OffsetX, OffsetY properties added to move legend
2New FeatureAdded Logarithmic scale
3New FeatureImproved performance of Flowgraph. Now Points have own arrays of Input and Output Connections for quick enumerate them
4New FeatureAdded Undo for Add Connection Point and Delete Connection Point commands for FlowGraph
5New FeatureEnhanced DateTime format and Datetime scale units
6MaintenanceFixed text drawing with ANSI build on Chinese locale
7New FeatureAdded new set of Radar/Polar Styles (RadarPoint, RadarLine, RadarArea, RadarSpline, RadarSplineArea)
8New FeatureTwoColumns style added for Pie labels
9New FeatureAdded new CXTPChartNumberFormat for enhanced and localized formatting numbers and dates
Version 15.0.2 March 3, 2011
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhanced Visual Studio 2010 themes for CommandBars, DockingPane, TaskPanel and Propety Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureSetExplorerStyle added for ShellTree and ShellList. (AutoHidden Triangles style)
2New FeatureWatchSubtree parameter added for DirWatcher
3MaintenanceFixed bug in CXTPControlScrollBar::DoScroll
4MaintenanceCXTPAnimationDC was broken when we animate rect not starting from (0, 0)
5MaintenanceReverted code for CXTPResize for PropertySheet case when we call SetResize(pWnd) and pWnd is not created yet
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRemoved separator after Application icon if quick access is hidden
2ImportantMinor Change. If Segoe UI font is available, we will set it for ComboBox part also in RibbonTheme
3New FeatureBackstageView now also fire InitCommandsPopup when opened
4New FeatureXTP_BS_TABCHANGED notification added for ControlNotify when Backstage Tab is changed
5MaintenanceUpdate Handler added for CommandBars and Tabs on BackstageView. Enabled and Visible properties implemented for them
6MaintenanceFixed align of Content in RibbonBackstageView
7New FeatureAdded Visible and Enabled property for Tab and Commands in Backstage
8MaintenanceFixed problem with CXTPControlComboBox and CXTPControlEdit with Visual Studio 2010 (it assigned a non Zero id to child windows created with nID = 0)
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed case when AutoHidden Pane can open too large that user can't see Autohide or Close button
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhanced the Shortcutbar Office 2010 themes, added PaneBackgroundColor, PaneTextColor and SplitterBackground color properties
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed assert in ReportPaintManager when dealing with drawing collapsed bitmaps
2MaintenanceFixed bug in SetFocusedRow where the row would not become selected
3MaintenanceShowIconWhenEditing is restored to True by default. Reduced small jumping on first edit. Edit will increase Margins now
4MaintenanceMinor enhance for Tree mode
5MaintenanceAdjusted Tooltip rect for lock icon
6MaintenanceFixed MergedCells Printing
7MaintenanceFixed Jump to next row for IconView mode
8MaintenanceWith m_bFocusSubItems, VK_LEFT arrow didn't work to navigate these sub items
9MaintenanceFixed VK_LEFT handling, default Windows behavior, removed wrong code for GroupRows
10MaintenanceFixed VK_RIGHT behavior
11MaintenanceFixed case when formula for GroupRow moved to first column. Text intersected with Text of group row
12New FeatureUpdated TrackControl to act same as simple Report if Track Column is not visible
13New FeatureRecordItemControl will be themed if ThemedInplaceButtons is True
14New FeatureAdded TickLength and TickColor for TimeLineLabel event
15New FeatureAdded EnsureFocusedRowVisible to specify whether rows not fully visible when clicked will remain static or move into full view
16MaintenanceFixed memory leak in some "break" cases. Replaced to CXTPSmartPtrInternalT that will release object in destructor
17New FeatureAdded Formula dialog to Report sample app
Calendar Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug when calendar caption expand button was pressed print preview was called
2MaintenanceYearsTriangle didn't work for Popup DatePicker
3New FeatureRedesigned DatePicker Resource theme
4New FeatureImplemented Office2010 Theme for DatePicker
5New FeatureEnhanced Office2010 Theme for Calendar
Chart Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded ability to hide individual labels. You need to set " " text for it to hide. If label is Empty text it won't be visible
2New FeatureSetDashArray added for LineStyle to allow user to customize Dashes
3New FeatureTransparency added for SerieslLabels
4New FeatureSet hand cursor for 3D Charts if AllowRotate is TRUE
5MaintenanceFixed CustomLabels issue
6MaintenanceSelectBrush/SelectFont replaced to SetBrush and SetFont to fix conflict with WindowsX.h macros
Version 15.0.1 February 8, 2011
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding name changes and other important information in this release.
2ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
3ImportantAll Office 2007 styles dll combined to single dll file, added Office2010 dll with all 2010 styles
4ImportantXTPOffice2007Images function renamed to XTPResourceImages
5New FeatureCommandBarsDesigner/MarkupPad/ResourceEditor compiled now as Unicode
6New FeatureVisual Studio 2010 themes added for CommandBars, DockingPane, TaskPanel and Propety Grid
7New FeatureOffice 2010 themes added for Calendar, CommandBars, DockingPane, ShortcutBar, TaskPanel, Report Control and Propety Grid
8MaintenanceFixed Vc 2010 bug of CImageList::DrawIndirect
9MaintenanceChanged LoadString logic. LoadString/GetXML return text with user encoding. LoadEncodedString/GetEncodedXML return in UTF8
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2MaintenanceEnhanced Captionbar for Office2003. Controls with Office2003 style draw with "Blue Luna style" when Aero theme detected
3MaintenanceFixed TipWindow Alpha shadow assert when application has more than one TipWindow
4MaintenanceWhen Nodes.Add called, added redraw code (to redraw item that can now show [+])
5New FeatureBuddyButton added for ControlEdit
6New FeatureTabControl - SelectTabOnDragOver can be "2" now to allow select after small delay
7ImportantClick here for details regarding name changes and other important information in this release.
8MaintenanceUpdated CXPResizeItem. Now it holds HWND instead pointer to CWnd and no need to create temporary window for it and delete it after.
9MaintenanceFixed memory leak in Search Options. CWnd was not deleted
Command Bars
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2New FeatureAdded Office 2010 style backstage view for the ribbon
3New FeatureCustomizePropertySheet now CXTPPropertySheet derived class. So SetResizable method is allowed. For ActiveX added ResizableSheet CustomizeOption.
4MaintenanceIn TabClient Menu the active child is now marked with a CheckMark
5New FeatureAdded QuickAccessEmptyIcon feature for controls with no icon added to QAT (like a gallery)
6New FeatureStatusBarPane::GetRect added
7MaintenanceMinor fixes for case when Ribbonbar don't have SystemButton
8MaintenanceAdded caption Line for Flat frame
9MaintenanceMinor fix for dateTimePicker in CustomControl
10MaintenanceFixed MouseWheel on Ribbon when modal dialog appeared
11MaintenanceDelimiter replaced to ';' for status bar panes to allow saving to ini
12New FeatureSelectTabOnDragOver can be "2" now to allow select after small delay
13New FeatureUpdated Designer to allow remove selected Tab and Group
14ImportantClick here for details regarding name changes and other important information in this release.
15New Featurevirtual CreateTabPopupToolBar added
16New FeatureSetOwner method added
17New FeatureAdded m_bAllowDwm static flag to allow disable DWM for Windows7 AERO too
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed Alt+shortcuts in SysMenu
2MaintenanceFixed another conflict with Infragistics ActiveBar and Office 2007 frame
3MaintenanceMinor update for auto update frame hook when them was changed
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2ImportantChange in behavior: If used SlideIn Hidden Pane it won't SlideOut if user activate another application. (to allow drag for example)
3New FeatureSelectTabOnDragOver can be "2" now to allow select after small delay
4New FeatureAdded Alpha Splitter type for Vista+
5MaintenanceIE9 splitter compatibility fix
Task Panel
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2MaintenanceFixed problem with Scrolling 1500 items
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2New FeatureAdded ShortcutBar Minimize Button
3New FeatureMinimizedWidth property added
4New FeatureGetNavigationPaneItem method added
Report Control
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2MaintenanceBestfit doesn't calculate column width right when having an icon in the header. (Issue 47)
3MaintenanceSortIcon moved down 1 px
4MaintenanceBeforeDrawRow now don't modify text that user starts edit. Margin returned to 0, 0
5MaintenanceEnhanced Arrows and Icon Padding. (Issue 13)
6MaintenanceWith .HeaderAlignment = xtpAlignmentRight the sorticon isn't showing. (Issue 26). Also changed m_bSortTriangleOffsetFromRight default value to False.
7MaintenanceCheck with Right click didn't work properly. (Issue 25)
8MaintenanceEnhanced Alignment for IconView. Fixed (Issue 36)
9MaintenanceRemoving ItemControls causes a crash (at some point) when mouse is over some recorditem. (Issue 51)
10MaintenanceFixed GPF generated when calling UpdateRecord in FocusChanging event (Issue 49)
11MaintenanceDrawShellIcon didn't DestroyIcon, lead to memory leak. (Issue 48)
12MaintenanceFixed Clicking plus/minus button all columns disappear (AutoColumnSizing = False, FreezeColumnCount = 3 and FullColumnSizing = True)
13MaintenanceHardcoded Increasing\Decreasing strings moved to resources
14MaintenancePrevent show Markup tooltip if the tooltip does not start and end with brackets and Markup is enabled
15MaintenanceFixed case for a 32000 Horizontal scrolling
16MaintenanceMinor change to allow call Records::RemoveAt for Array mode
17MaintenanceFixed bug when SelectionExcludeGroupRows is True and a group expand button is clicked without holding the Shift or Control keys to make a selection. Before if would always unselect the group row if SelectionExcludeGroupRows is True, now it checks to see if a selection is being made before it unselects
18MaintenanceFixed crash when ExpandAll is called for empty report
19MaintenanceFix for case when ReportControl.AutoColumnSizing = true and when columns don't fit to client area
20New FeatureTrackBlock::HeightFixed property added
21New FeatureTrack Control - Custom Step for TimeMode and CustomFormatLabel added
Calendar Pro
# Type Description
1ImportantClick here for details regarding theme name changes in this release.
2New FeatureAdded RemindersUpdatePeriod, by default if reminders were enabled it checked every 2 hours, now you can set this period
3MaintenanceFixed expand arrow position for all day headers, added a hittest code for the expand button, draws in the correct position and also the option to remove them
Chart Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureChart Border added
2New FeaturePie border property added
3New FeatureUpdated labels to use Appearance for Border/Connector/TextColor. Black Appearance don't draw Background and Border
4New FeatureAdded some virtual keywords to allow custom Diagram/Pane/Pane View
5New FeatureChart Tooltips added. TooltipText/LabelText property added
6New FeatureChart Palette class added
7New FeatureAdded support for Bubble->MinSize = 0 - in that case only MaxSize is used
8New FeatureSetLabel method added. removed Initialize - now Label created in constructor
9MaintenanceFixed Title and Legend overlap by labels for 2D Styles
10MaintenanceFixed GotFocus and LostFocus issues
11MaintenanceFixed Pie for single point case
12MaintenanceFixed case when size of chart pane less zero
13MaintenanceRemoved Y Side margins for 100% Style
14New FeatureAdded new CXTPChartDeviceContext Constructor to allow draw to GDI+ metafile
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureIcons Markup added
2New FeaturePrintToDC Markup label added
3New FeatureAdded PrintElementToDC
4New FeatureAdded MarkupLabel.CreatePrintView
5MaintenanceMinor fix for markup for \r symbol
6MaintenanceAfter changing Row/Column definitions Grid didn't update state automatically
7MaintenanceEnhanced MarkupWindowContainer object for Markup Label, there was a problem when put into a MarkupScrollViewer object with an ActiveX hWnd associated with it that is larger than the scroll area
Release Date
Version 13.4.2 October 13, 2010
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1ImportantSynchronized Common files with Chart Pro. Please use 13.4.2 together with ChartPro 14.1
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSetLockRedraw methods now public
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceNow cleans GroupBox text area when its text is changed
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with Printing and GroupRow formula alignment
Version 13.4.1 September 20, 2010
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed ColorPicker problem when some control grab focus when ColorPicker is about to show Popup
2MaintenanceCXTBrowseDialog didn't return Computer if BIF_BROWSEFORCOMPUTER specified
3MaintenanceIf user clicked on Button and move out/move in cursor, tooltip not longer showed
4MaintenanceButton dropdown glyph color replaced to GetXtremeColor(COLOR_BTNTEXT)
5New FeatureAdded Question icon support for TaskDialog
6MaintenanceTaskDialog RadioButton align Radio icon to top
7New FeatureCXTPTabControl::SetLockRedraw added
8MaintenanceAdded system shadow for CXTTipWindow when its available
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor fix for Gallery + ComboBox + SetDropDownListStyle( FALSE )
2MaintenanceMarkup support added for MessageBar button text
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceIf caption text is changed in Maximized MDI Child SkinFramework will redraw frame for MDI Parent too
2MaintenanceAdjustWindowRect API Hook added to fix Clarion issues
3MaintenanceAdded SM_CXEDGE/SM_CXFRAME for GetSystemMetics hook
4New FeatureSplit Button support added for Windows 7/Vista
5MaintenanceEnhanced CXTPSkinObjectToolBar::IsAlphaImageList it will now actually check alpha bits
6MaintenanceFixed Delphi issue with Minimized MDI child
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSwitched Popup Edit behavior - Enter to Accept - Ctrl+Enter to make new line
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Accessibility for DockingPane caption buttons
2MaintenanceMinor fix for xtpPaneNoDockable/Stickers and Dock to Window client case
3New FeatureShowCloseTabButton option added to show close button on each tab
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenancestrNoItems text now can have markup tags
2New FeatureMarkup support added for TrackControl blocks
3MaintenanceMinor fix for m_oleValue.vt == VT_NULL case
4MaintenanceFixed indent problem while editing an item with 2 or more levels of grouping
5MaintenanceES_WANTRETURN support added for Inplace Edit
6MaintenanceFixed problem with serialization in last release when developer don't set names for columns
# Type Description
1MaintenanceWhen Calendar marked header as "Out of Office" color it didn't reset it back when event was moved/deleted
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem with CXTPSyntaxEditCtrl::OnGetText with Visual Studio 2008+. Last parameter of STRBCPY_S needs additional byte for \0
2MaintenanceSchemes and Themes was switched when developer set them from code
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMarkup button didn't use IsEnabled to draw disabled state
2New FeatureStrokeDashArray, StrokeStartLineCap, StrokeEndLineCap, StrokeLineJoin added for Shape objects
3MaintenanceFixed crush with large text with TextTrimming+TextDecoration
Version 13.4.0 June 2, 2010
# Type Description
1ImportantFixed Radio and CheckBox marks for High dpi modes (125/150)
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceTTDT_AUTOPOP implemented for Office TooltipContext
2MaintenanceCopy/Clone now doesn't copy xtpHideWrap | xtpHideScroll | xtpHideDockingPosition | xtpHideExpand flags.
3MaintenanceTooltips will no longer display trailing ellipsis
4MaintenanceNow ComboBox save/restore ItemData assigned to items
5MaintenanceFixed Aqua theme image (had transparent pixel in bottom right)...Please use new Office2007 dlls
6MaintenanceFixed Alt conflict of CommandBars and SkinFramework
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1ImportantFixed appearance for Open/Save dialogs in Windows 7
2MaintenanceAdded support Alpha bitmaps in Menu for Windows 7/Vista
3New FeatureAdded support mask for ExcludeModule: ExcludeModule("FLASH*")
4MaintenanceFixed problem with Maximized Child frame on Windows 7
5MaintenanceSkinFramework didn't redraw frame after WM_SETICON
6MaintenanceAllow .NET users to set BackColor for TextBox and ListBox
7MaintenanceFixed Alt conflict of CommandBars and SkinFramework
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenancePrevent DockingPane to ReEnable Disable Child if developer never call pPane->SetEnabled method
2New FeatureAdded wndPropertyGrid.HighlightChangedButtonItems so user can choose if text in in-place button will be bold if HighlightChanged is used. Also fixed button margins for bolded in-place buttons
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDon't show tooltip for items with DT_WORDBREAK draw style
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed case where group rows would process [ and ] that are used for group formulas even when GetFormula was empty. This causes and group caption with [] to be displayed incorrectly
2MaintenanceFixed sort arrow offset problems
3MaintenanceSet column maximum width constraint now works correctly independent of column autosize option
4MaintenanceFixed cases where multi-line tooltips would not be displayed on multiple lines
5MaintenanceXTPMarkupSetDefaultFont wasn't called for m_bFixedRowHeight and first measure
6MaintenanceWhen .IconView set to False the column order changed
7MaintenanceFixed bug where icon column would show up in field chooser when hidden
8MaintenanceFixed condition where scrollbar would show for icon view when not needed (when first shown)
9MaintenanceFix for ExpandAll which would fail if called when no rows present. #24209
10MaintenanceFixed ShowItemsInGroups behavior. #22055
11Maintenancefixed case where the edit control for an indented item was drawn in the wrong spot
12MaintenanceAdded fix for UnrestrictedDragDrop if dropped externally into report
13MaintenanceAdded ability to align group row formula text. Now it will use the Column.Alignment formatting
14MaintenanceAdded ShowIconWhenEditing and IsShowIconWhenEditing so user can specify whether icons displayed for an item will be visible while the item is getting edited. (Icon is not editable)
15MaintenanceFixed case where items with a check box and are editable that the check box was not visible during editing
16MaintenanceAdded CXTPReportSelectedRows::SetNotifyOnSelctedRowsClear\GetNotifyOnSelctedRowsClear to suppress clear notifications during Select and SelectBlock, default is to send this notification. #24103
17New FeatureAdded XTP_NM_REPORT_STATECHANGED message to notify the owner that the selection state of the report has changed for multiple items
# Type Description
1MaintenanceCode change for overlapping multi day event bug fix
2MaintenanceFixed DayView printing with 2 pages
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded ColorName markup
2MaintenanceFixed lime color problem
Version 13.3.1 March 5, 2010
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFor Windows 7 Aero, RGB(0, 102, 204) is used instead ActiveCaption for Hyperlink
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug for in-cell edit not firing on click
2MaintenanceFixed problem where sort triangle was drawn in group by box even when Sortable was set to FALSE
3MaintenanceWith m_bShowNonActiveInPlaceButton Report draw inplace buttons only when theme is enabled
4New FeatureAdded TextIndentForGroupRowsWithNoIcon so you can specify text indent if no group icon is used
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureMarkup's Image now can load 32 bit ico files using 'file://' source
2MaintenanceFixed memory leak for MarkupImage that load ico from file
Version 13.3.0 February 28, 2010
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Visual Studio 2010 RC support
2New FeatureAdded Visual Studio 2010 deployment option
3New FeatureSerbian string resource added
4MaintenanceAdded many x64 and Windows 7 enhancements
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded text clip for Push Button to prevent overlaps
2MaintenanceCXTPPropertySheet didn't set m_nModalResult
3MaintenanceNow after the font changes, the Combo will notify Site that its size was updated
4MaintenanceMultiline property is now possible to change in code for the Flat Edit Control
5MaintenanceFixed memory leak in BitmapToRegion
6MaintenanceFix for Windows 7 to prevent redraw ScrollBar on Disable/Enable by OS
7MaintenanceFixed memory leak in TabManagerNavigateButtons
8MaintenanceMinor enhancements for large font in Check List Box
9MaintenanceXTBrowseDialog was modeless
10MaintenanceFixed the flickering on header while splitter is resized
11MaintenanceRewrote CXTColorHex class to fix bugs and logic, cleaned up color picker sample added eyedropper functionality
12MaintenanceFixed bug with red, green and blue edit boxes loosing focus while typing, some code clean up, fixes bug with standard tab not updating color when color set on custom page
13MaintenanceNow ColorPopup use font that was set for its Color Picker
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceShowNewWindowTab showed close button if developer set flag to show close button for all tabs
2MaintenanceFixed problem with Floating Toolbar on TopMost form
3MaintenanceUpdated Edit margins after Font change
4New FeatureAdded DisableOffice2007FrameHandle method
5New FeatureSwitchTooltip propery added
6New FeatureAdded SetFontHeight function
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed Height of FileButton for High DPI mode
2MaintenanceFixed problem with Alpha Application icon for Windows 7
3MaintenanceFixed System Themes problems
4MaintenanceSystem button didn't draw as disabled when it was disabled
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor fix for small system scrollbar case
2MaintenanceMenu now use PostMessage(WM_COMMAND) instead of SendMessage
3MaintenanceFixed Deadlock for Multithread cases inside CXTPSkinManager::RemoveAll
4MaintenanceWhen ApplyWindow called Skinframework also apply Popup ListBox of ComboBox
5MaintenanceFixed Combo drawing bug for iTunes skin
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed issue with Category with Image and with Inplace Button
2MaintenanceAdded ListBox border for Windows 7
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded MinTrackSize restriction for themed floating frames to prevent user make them too small
2MaintenanceFor Windows 7, Automatically set UseSplitterTracker to FALSE
3MaintenanceCrash in x64 in Dialog Pane OnKickIdle
Task Panel
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAfter Drag, Item didn't reload markup
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureNew Track Control class and TrackControl sample for editing video clips
2New FeatureAdded Merged Cell Support
3MaintenanceIcon view switch minor fix for last column case
4New FeatureAdded Draw function for Clip and Key classes
5New FeatureAdded extra tracking mode Drag and Drop restriction
6MaintenanceDrag and Drop Move fix
7MaintenanceKeep selection for CollapseAll - ExpandAll operations
8MaintenanceMinor fix for EditOnClick and EditOnDelayClick combination
9MaintenanceCaseSensitive flag used for Child records also
10MaintenanceMinor modification for EditOnDelay case
11MaintenanceAdded feature to assign number of items to show in in-place pick list
12MaintenanceMinor fix for virtual mode
13MaintenanceSelectTextOnEdit support added for edit on delay case
14MaintenanceImplement action for flag m_bPreviewAllowEdit
15MaintenanceImproved Tab navigation for virtual mode and EditOnClick enable
16MaintenanceCompact column draw algorithm, add Unrestricted DD flag (default - FALSE)
17MaintenanceAdded flag for CompactText column caption mode (for narrow column case) - default - FALSE
18MaintenanceSelectAll (Control + A) restricted for MultiSelection enabled case only
19New FeatureAdded Header, Footer and Group rows markup and optional EditDelayOnClick support
20MaintenanceMinor IconView tooltip adjustment to show only if needed
21MaintenanceMinor xtpReportAllowDragMove case fix
22New FeatureAdded empty column set check
23MaintenanceFixed drag and drop flag for other apps, add new track mode flags
24New FeatureAdded virtual mode VK_HOME and VK_END (select first row and select last row) actions
25New FeatureReport's Row Tooltip now uses TooltipContext properties to draw it
26New FeatureGroupFormula with multi-subtotal extended to cover columns order changes
27MaintenanceFixed Markup Events for Header and Footer records
28New FeatureAdded GroupRows multi-subtotal formula support and InPlaceButton draw improvements
29MaintenanceFixed RTL print mode
30MaintenanceFixed problems displaying Hebrew in Windows 7
31MaintenanceFixed problem where you could not drop records in the report's empty area
32MaintenanceFixed problem where column grouping would disappear when dropping rows in a sorted report
33New FeatureAdded m_bUseDropMarker\UseDropMarker to hide the drop marker (handy if using sorted drag\drop)
34MaintenanceFixed Drag Problem for Report located on TopMost form
35MaintenanceFixed case where the RC Column Expand/Collapse Tooltip always added the Columns Count to the tip
36MaintenanceFixed bug with cutting Row + its Group Row
37MaintenanceFixed Windows 7 x64 drawing issue for Tooltip
38MaintenanceMinor improvements to protect focused frame for in-place combo, button, spin cases
39MaintenancePrevent wrong user entry (e.g. infinite loop for nIntervalDays = 0 case)
40MaintenanceLeft-Right arrow action fixed for empty body records case
41MaintenanceAdded CanEditCheckboxItem property to not put items with a check box in edit mode\use edit control
42New FeatureAdded FastDeselectMode option - like Windows Explorer mode (default - FALSE - like previous version)
43New FeatureAdded feature to keep one of rows in single selected mode focused [forum_posts.asp?TID=15982]
44New FeatureAdded optional visible tooltip for Column Wordbreak style and ForceShowToolip mode
45New FeatureAdded FirstWeekOfYearDays support in Print/PrintPreview
46New FeatureAdded extra Core drag and drop support for custom clipboard types
47New FeatureAdded StrictFiltering [default = FALSE] to allow text to be filtered using logical AND or OR
48New FeatureVirtualMode Drag and Drop support Core code added
49MaintenanceCustom class for tracking item (supported dynamic arrays of clips and keys)
50New FeatureAdded flag m_bKeepSelectionAfterSort and related feature
51New FeatureAdded m_nRowHeightDefault property
52MaintenanceMinor CXTPReportControl::DoAutoVertScrollIfNeed fix, tooltip text for sorted column improved
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor fix for ResetSelection
2MaintenanceMinor fix for printing in non - DayView modes
3MaintenanceMinor fix for PrintPreview with different timescales
4New FeatureAdded extra parameter to SelectEventById function
5MaintenanceMinor improvement for multi-day events sort
6MaintenanceWeek Number DayView header display match to DatePicker display
7MaintenanceEliminate duplicated notification from Next-Prev Apt Tab click (Office 2007 theme)
8MaintenanceMinor DayView MultiDayEvent HitTest improvement
9MaintenanceRestore vertical scrollbar position after print or printpreview
10New FeatureAdded restore DayView TopRow after Print or PrintPreview done
11MaintenanceEliminate one non-needed ViewChanged notification
12MaintenanceFixed a case for WeekView half-height days (e.g. for Friday as start of week day)
13MaintenanceFixed RTL print mode
14MaintenanceFixed problems displaying Hebrew in Windows 7
15New FeatureAllowNoncontinuousSelection property added
16New FeatureAdded flag PreventDragall-dayEventInDayView (default - False)
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceCovered special multi-byte input case (e.g. Japan...) using special compile-time flag
2MaintenanceAdded defaultvalue(0) to optional descriptor
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureFontCharset Markup tag added
2New FeatureTooltipContext property added to MarkupContext
Version 13.2.1 October 30, 2009
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed Application icon position for White and Scenic Ribbon themes
2MaintenanceFixed Problem with both WS_MAXIMIZED and WS_MINIMIZED styles on Vista when user press Win+M key
3MaintenanceFile Button only allowed 16*16 icon size
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceUpdated Vista.cjstyles to support Maximized frame. Please update your skin file
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem of 13.2.0 with Stickers
Version 13.2.0 October 21, 2009
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed errors and warnings for Visual Studio 2010 beta2
# Type Description
1MaintenanceBackSpace didin't work in XTMaskEdit when whole text was selected.
2MaintenanceFixed CXTColorPopup from double EndSelection calls
3MaintenanceFixed Windows 7 crash , when user select "Home Group" folder in CXTShellTreeCtrl
4MaintenanceCXTResize::Defer bug fixed when initial state smaller than one defined in template
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceNativeXP theme didn't use Pressed and Hot color for buttons
2MaintenanceMinor fix for CommandBars Designer to allow move controls inside designer that marked as not movable
3MaintenanceCommandBars Designer's XML Edit now has 16MB limit (had 1MB only) and use RichEdit with MultiUndo
4MaintenanceFixed TabToolbar customize buttons
5MaintenanceImplemented GetAccessibleKeyboardShortcut for CXTPControl
6MaintenanceMinor enhancement in TabWorkspace header area with Visual Studio 2008 themel
7New FeatureTabWorkspace.ShowNewWindowTab method added.
8New FeatureSetTextLimit method added for Edit and Combo
9MaintenanceMinor fix to prevent freeze if user show modal dialog in KILLFOCUS handler
10MaintenanceAdded GalleryItem::SetImageWidth method
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceEnhanced context tab bitmaps for Scenic skin
2MaintenanceFixed maximized Frame text for Windows 7
3New FeatureAutoArrangeEditCaption property added for Ribbon Group
4New FeatureAdded Office 2010 style FileButton
5MaintenanceAdded scroll support for RibbonSystemPage
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed SkinFramework Custom draw call for skinned popup menus
2New FeatureBARBREAK support added by skinned menus
3ImportantAdded Maxcaption/MinCaption support for SkinFramework caption. Please update your Office2007 skins for new one
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureConstraint.Enabled property added to Enable/Disable Option items
2New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridInplaceList::m_bShowShadow static option added
3New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridInplaceList::m_bTrackSelection option added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpPaneNoHoverShow flag added to prevent AutoHidden pane to show on mouse hover
2MaintenanceIf user Locked Screen (Win+L) and restored, DockignPane showed hidden Floating Frames
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureRibbon type animation support added for ShortcutBar
2New FeatureAdded Minimized ShortcutBar feature
3New FeatureEnabled/Disabled state support added for Individual items
4New FeaturextpShortcutThemeNativeWinXP theme added
5MaintenanceDT_NOPREFIX added for all DrawText calls (Please check how strings with "&" are drawn now)
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed wrong (conflicted) enum XTPReportDragDrop value
2New FeatureAdded flag ShowWYSIWYGMarkers and fix one-wrong-Office pixel bug
3New FeatureTC Working progress (session-level persistence of free mode row height)
4MaintenanceCovered multi-monitor tracker case
5New FeatureAdded accessors for TimeLineVerticalMarker position
6New FeatureAdded flag m_bBaseTreeIndent
7New FeatureAdded cascade action on VK_LEFT to collapse child's rows
8New FeatureAdded EnsureVisible for top group row case
9New FeatureImproved jump from header rows to body rows in the case 1st group expanded
10MaintenanceHeader row VK_DOWN reaction fixed
11New FeatureMultiple childs in virtual mode, row height resizing if special flag m_bFreeHeightMode set
12New FeatureAdded extra flag m_bSelectionExcludeGroupRows
13MaintenanceWatermark position minor fix
14New FeatureMinor improvement for CXTPReportRecordItemPercentNumber drawing
15New FeatureAdded flag TrapTabKey
16New FeatureGroup Row selection with mouse restored, minor fixes
17New FeaturePlusMinus Expanded default to be FALSE
18New FeatureAdded CustomTitle property
19New Feature2-level group row formula support
20New FeatureAdded formula support for group row
21New FeatureAdded OneStepDrop mode flag
22New FeatureAdded PrintWatermark feature
23MaintenanceWrong AutoScroll case fixed
24New FeatureAdded m_bShowNonActiveInPlaceButton feature
25MaintenanceMinor fix with Markup measure
26New FeatureImproved in-place combo access for OnEditClick(FALSE) case
27New FeatureAdded custom colors for formula fields
28New FeatureAdded support for cascade indication of group-related selection
29New FeatureAdded PaintManager flag ForceDynamicMarkupForCell
30New FeatureAdded condition for MaxColumnWidth restriction
31New FeatureRestrict checkbox state change for case MouseDown point inside checkbox glyph
32New FeatureAdded CXTPReportHeader::SetLastColumnExpand function
33New FeatureAdded PaintManager flag GrayIfDisable with default True
34New FeatureCover combination of horizontal and vertical alignment flags for check box
35New FeatureAdd support to multi-line cells in Virtual Mode
36New FeatureAdd condition to ForceShowTooltip, IsFullColumnScrollingSet
37MaintenanceSelection improvement for SHIFT case
38MaintenanceEnhanced Column Tracker perfomance for Vista
39MaintenanceVirtualMode SelectAll - Control + A (select all in MS list) - now is supported in Virtual Mode
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor occurrence algorithim fix
2MaintenanceMinor fix for Today marker for non XP theme.
3New FeatureExpose TimeLineScale params to ActiveX
4New FeatureAdjusted default colors
5New FeatureImproved time line mode event color support
6New FeatureAdded feature to hide non-needed button for separated CaptionBar
7New FeatureAdded flag to ShowTooltipForall-dayEvents
8MaintenanceFixed MonthView print / print preview page count
9New FeatureAdded CustomTitle property
10New FeatureImproved all-day event scrolling and printing for large all-day event set
11New FeatureAdded Ecoall-dayMode - minimized all-day space to give more space for other events
12New FeatureAdjustment for print/printpreview all-day events priniting
13New FeatureIn print preview "page # from pages" support improved
14New FeatureAdded support for xtpCalendarBeforeDraw_all-dayViewEvent flag
15MaintenanceImproved tooltip positioning
16MaintenanceEnhanced 120 dpi mode drawing
17MaintenanceRestored keyboard navigation in DayView mode
18MaintenanceMinor fix for Today marker for non XP theme.
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded flag ActivateOnFocus
2MaintenanceUnicode fixes
3MaintenanceMinor fix for ClearType case
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnableGdiPlus propety added (its TRUE by default), still if Markup doesn't find GdiPlus.dll, standard GDI will be used
Version 13.1.0 June 16, 2009
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureGenerated pdb files now placed in bin folder with dlls
2MaintenanceEnhanced performance for CXTPPropExchangeEnumeratorPtr
# Type Description
1MaintenanceEnhanced Markup support for PopupControl
2MaintenanceColor Popup appeared behind "topmost" parent window
3MaintenanceHeader_OrderToIndex used List handle and not Header handle
4MaintenanceCXTPPropertySheet now creates page before it become first time visible - like standard CPropertySheet
5MaintenanceCXTDateTime use d/m/y validation only in ProcessMask
6MaintenanceEnhanced Markup support for TipoftheDay
7MaintenanceKeyboard support added for CXTHyperlink control
8MaintenanceCXTPPropertySheet::SetPageBorderStyle method worked only after PropertySheet become visible
9MaintenanceEnhanced Markup support for TaskDialog Link buttons
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor conflict fixed with SkinFramework
2MaintenancePopups didn't closed if user clicked Gallery Scrollbars
3MaintenanceCXTPToolBar.SetIconSize used this size only in Small icons mode
4MaintenanceAdded WM_CANCEMODE handler that close all popups
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureSystem theme support added
2New FeatureScenic theme support added
3New FeatureOffice 14 (White) theme support added
4New FeatureAdded Pinable Recent File List
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed RTL issue for skinned context menus
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceUpdated code to dynamically add/remove inplace buttons
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPDockingPane::SetTabCaption and SetTitleToolTip methods added
Task Panel
# Type Description
1MaintenanceTaskPanel didn't show Tooltips for simple Text items
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRTL-related bug in CXTPReportControl::OnNcHitTest functionNote>
2MaintenanceFixed skipped xtpReportTextSearchExactPhrase case in FindRecordItem function
3MaintenanceFixed Move function
4MaintenanceScroll works with external themed scrollbar
5MaintenanceRTL for external scrollbars
6MaintenanceOld bug with Header records and PreviewMode, add missing function for AutoSize column property existed in ActiveX version
7MaintenanceOld bug: Report Crashed because pTargetRecord can be NULL.
8MaintenanceImproved row selection with mouse and buttons (shift, control)
9MaintenanceFixed Icon Alignment for Column Header
10MaintenanceFix wrong MarkUp size case
11MaintenanceUse visible index instead of index for drag to group box logic
12MaintenanceDrag first column to group box case covered
13MaintenanceGroup box drag fix for FullSizeScrolling case
14MaintenanceSafe version of CXTPReportRecordItem::OnCancelEdit
15MaintenanceFix the case when report item have no initail icon and only metric assign it
16MaintenanceFix to Row Height bug - issue # 21429
17MaintenanceFix the case when indent applied twice for tree column
18MaintenanceFix old scrollbar-related bug - issue 21305
19MaintenanceFix wrong position of in-place edit for ActiveX version
20MaintenanceIdent and icon draw fix
21MaintenanceExtend don't show initial selection case to sort operations
22New FeatureMulti-pages WYSIWYG print / printpreview
23New FeatureIcon View where user can change any time property (column) and icon to use in data presentation (while Windows Explorer always use same property)
24New FeatureAuto-supported Row Number (Index) Column
25New FeatureTransposed Grouping (Column-based) (while existed Grouping is Rows-based)
26New FeatureAdd option to use icon column as record number column in non icon-view mode (always read-only and useful for row selection specially in the case of Report.AllowEdit(TRUE) and FocusSubItems(TRUE)
27New FeatureAdd support for accelerator Ctrl+A to select all records of Report Body
28New FeatureAdd feature to use check state modifications inside selection
29New FeatureAdd function SetSelectionState
30New FeatureSeparate Sort and Expand action on column click
31New FeatureAdd flag for PlusMinus (Expandable) Column image selection (+/- or arrows)
32New FeatureFixed Icon Alignment for Column Header
33New FeatureFix wrong MarkUp size case
34New FeatureAdded FindRecordItemByRows support (to efficiently cover sorted cases)
35New FeatureRefined logic for neg case with ExactStart case search
36New FeatureEasy logic used for exactStart flag case
37New FeatureAdd search flag xtpReportTextSearchExactStart
38New FeatureAdd option to edit row preview text with flag to allow or not
39New FeatureAdd visual helper to adjust columns for WYSIWYG print mode
40New FeatureAdd Formula support - for now - only SUM(R#C#:R#C#)
41New FeatureAdd Recalc function fired on F5 / Shift+F5 as restricted and total Recalc mode
42New FeatureAdd Recalc with optional All flag
43New FeatureShow formula as tooltip is formula presented
44New FeatureAdd Pivot column mode for FreezeColumns
45New FeatureAdd feature to hide ReportRecordItemButton using SetWidth(0) call
46New FeatureAdd option to edit row preview text with flag to allow or not
# Type Description
1MaintenanceImproved Tooltip size and position
2MaintenanceFix to set any start day of week, e.g. FullWeek mode now support first day of Week to be Sunday (before it was Hardcoded as Mon!)
3MaintenancePrevent CompressWeekendDays for non Monday as First Day of Week case
4MaintenanceZero case for timescale max in PX_ (Data Exchange) code
5MaintenanceInitial timescale setting
6MaintenanceRELEASE MODE FIX (Issue 21816)
7MaintenanceFix height of CaptionBar Month (and similar buttons) label (cut letters like g)
8MaintenanceFix to prevent store empty event
9MaintenanceAdjust Caption Bar layout for hidden Timeline button case
10MaintenanceFix a case where "no scrollbar - ignore nScroll and RTL settings"
11MaintenanceCustom Icons for DayView fix
12MaintenanceImproved text display for NonCompact mode Timeline long event presentation
13MaintenanceExtend text draw size in NonCompact mode
14MaintenanceAdd restriction to prevent extra text flickering for Office2007 Theme draw
15MaintenanceEnhanced logic for inter-controls communications
16MaintenanceSync date picker and week view during option change for 1st day of week setting
17MaintenanceAdd extra feature to hide CaptionBar Month or Week or Day buttons
18MaintenanceAdd DayHeaderPeriod setting for Multi-Schedules mode
19MaintenanceDayHeader draw algorithimc adjustments
20MaintenanceMulti-Schedule mode draw adjustments
21MaintenanceBackground drawing fix for multi-scheduled mode (when 64K memory bitmap is not enough or with even less bitmap size used on low-end PC)
22New FeatureAdd Read-Only mode and flag to use
23New FeatureAdd Ownership mode and flag to use
24New FeatureAdd Multi-Columns Week mode
25New FeatureAdd Tooltip Under Mouse mode and flag to use
26New FeatureAdd switch for Multi-Columns Week mode in CaptionBar
27New FeatureAdd IsTimeAsClock to MonthViewEvent_MultiDay, FullWeek Office2007 theme mode
28New FeatureAdd DatePicker option - YearsTriangle - to scroll calendar with 1 year step (now we use only 1 month step)
29New FeatureAdd features for multi-schedule mode - EcoMode to use less memory and video-memory
30New FeatureAdd FullDateMode to print Day Header several times to ensure visible
31New FeatureAdd DraftMode for MonthView print with maximum text to fit in day cell
32New FeatureAdd DraftMode for DayView print
33New FeatureAdd custom format for tooltip
34New FeatureAdd full custom format for DayView header - good for case no caption bar visible
35MaintenanceList of coding and algorithmic fixes for ActiveX version:
36MaintenanceFixing maximize - restore scrollbar size
37MaintenanceFix layout adjustment after parameter changed
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFix increase - decrease indent
2MaintenanceVS-like indent logic fix
3MaintenanceFix logical errors in AutoComplete functionality
4New FeatureCover extra extreme case of auto-complete window position
5New FeatureFix Multi-Monitor case for extreme postions (like cursor is in the bottom of screen)
6New FeatureNon-covered empty m_strDelims case (prevent first time AutoComplete to show), change Multi-monitor case
7New FeatureAutoComplete set position logic
8New FeatureFix for SelChanged notification
9New FeatureFont code page selection fixed
10New FeatureAdded CustomTitle support
11New FeatureAdded "+" as word separation char, keep selection if right mouse button click in the last line position, TAB-Space conversion
12New FeatureAdded flag AllowExpandCollapseInViewOnly
13New FeatureEliminated Mouse action in ViewOnly mode
14New FeatureAdded ViewOnly mode
15New FeatureAdded accelerator to Content Editor
16New FeatureAdded resizing to content editor
17New FeatureAdded built-in Scheme and Color Syntax Notepad-like Editor
18New FeatureAdded string-based syntax and colors scheme mode
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1MaintenanceColorStringToKnownColor didn't return Color for "Transparent" string
Release Date
Version 13.0.0 February 9, 2009
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPZipMemFile moved to XTPSystemHelpers.cpp
# Type Description
1MaintenanceLinkButtons in TaskDialog didn't support Markup
2New FeatureInputBoxChanged notification added for TaskDialog
3New FeatureMarkup support added for "Tip of the Day" dialog
4New FeatureCXTPPropertySheet::AutoLoadPlacement member added
5New FeatureCXTBrowseEdit::m_nDefaultGap added to allow revert to old style
6MaintenanceUpdated CXTPMarqueeCtrl for Vista and Office2007 skins
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded missing SetTicks method for CXTPScrollBase class
2MaintenanceWithout CommandBars, PopupBar now in RTL mode if Parent window in RTL mode
3MaintenanceOpened ComboBox list closed if user Press Enter in IME mode
4MaintenanceFixed problem with separator in NativeXPTheme theme for Popuped Toolbar
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceIf user added Group to QuickAccees he was not able remove it
2MaintenanceFixed shadow issue for Ribbon context menu
3New FeatureUpdated Ribbon Translations
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceTimer is now handled internally to prevent conflicts with 3rd party controls
2MaintenanceClose item sometimes was not default in system popup
3MaintenanceEnhanced Marquee Skins for Vista and Office2007 skins
4MaintenanceUpdated Office2007 Blue skin, added LightBlue colors
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureTabStop property added for InplaceButton
2MaintenanceListBox CustomColor Background was not used if Grid didn't have any item
3MaintenanceCrash can occur if developer shows Message Box in XTP_PGN_ITEMVALUE_CHANGED handler for DateItem
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceReportControl didn't render Markup for Child Records
2MaintenanceMarkup didn't rendered when developer change Metrics->Text for Group Row
3MaintenanceFixed BeforePasteFromText function
4New FeatureAdded support for modifications in Virtual Mode
5MaintenanceFixed FindRecordItem function
6New FeatureAdded flag HideColumnAfterGroupBoxDrop
7New FeatureAdded option to hide collapse-expand icon in group row for print or print preview mode
8MaintenanceFixed InPlaceEdit cursor position for rejected user entry and recover previous selection for non-commited OnEditChanging call
9New FeatureAdded MinimumWidth as Report Column property
10MaintenanceFixed InPlaceEdit cursor position for rejected user entry
11New FeatureAdded extra option to control sort triangle
12MaintenanceFix issue # 19774 case - When you select Collapse All Groups then you expand one and click a checkbox item, all the groups get expanded
13MaintenanceNo recursion in function CXTPReportControl::GetReportAreaRows
14New FeatureAdded missing SelectAll (Ctrl+A) support for InPlaceEdit
15MaintenanceFixed Button Text Alignment - Issue # 20355
16New FeatureAdded flag InitialSelectionEnable - used in Populate call
17New FeatureAdded class CXTPReportRecordItemPercentNumber (like MS Project task manager percent complete field draw)
18MaintenanceFixed header draw problem (after last item rectangle)
# Type Description
1New FeatureFirst version of Timeline mode - see document "Timeline mode in CJ Calendar"
2MaintenanceFixed problem when user select day in DatePicker with big shift
3MaintenanceFixed Issue #: 18604 (mixed up between GetDayOfWeekMask and GetDayOfWeekIndex)
4MaintenanceFixed wrong leap year calculation
5New FeatureAdded "SelectAll" (Ctrl+A) support in InPlace editor
6New FeatureAdded support for Discrete Selection set - in Month View this mode used if ALT key hold during left click or mouse move. Such selection allow to create massive similar events for different date (like assignment for service)
7New FeatureAdded feature to use multi-color schedules captions. Added option to enable and disable this new feature. Modifications covered issues # 18965
8New FeatureAdded feature to prevent auto-assigning all-day event if drag passed day header. Added option to enable and disable this new feature. Modification covered issues # 19960
9New FeatureAdded feature set Series or Unique settings of Occurrence be default in initial dialog radio-buttons state
10New FeatureOffice2007 MonthView Cell's Day Header Format Setting exposed
11New FeatureAdded option to print 3 small calendars in print header in the case DatePicker selection <= 1 month
12New FeatureAdded function SelectEventByID
13MaintenanceFixed horizontal scrolling in DayView mode
14MaintenanceFixed vertical timescale ticks draw in Office2007 theme (DayView mode)
15MaintenanceFixed text draw rectangle in non-Office2007 theme (DayView mode) and text style - added DT_END_ELLIPSIS
16New FeatureAdded option to use UseTwoColumnWeekMode (like Outlook2003) on not (like Outlook2007) in week-related layouts
Release Date
Version 12.1.1 November 28, 2008
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceLoadDesignerBars method failed to load Ribbon if theme was not set to xtpThemeRibbon
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceWM_MENUCOMMAND support added
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceCheckBoxes state was reverted for Explorer style
2Maintenance12.1.0 ReportControl didn't work with .NET
3MaintenanceEnhanced markup support for ReportControl
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureImage.Stretch property added
Version 12.1.0 November 18, 2008
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureSerbian translation added
2New FeatureCXTPResourceManager::SetResourceFontCharset, SetFontCharset global methods added
3New FeatureCXTPImageManagerIcon::LoadBitmapFromFile now can load jpg/gif
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded CXTPEdit, CXTPComboBox, CXTPSpinButtonCtrl, CXTPProgressCtrl, CXTPScrollBar with set of themes
2Sample updateAdded Controls sample
3MaintenanceCXTPScrollBar renamed to CXTPCommandBarScrollBarCtrl
4New FeatureEnhanced CXTBrowseEdit look
5New FeatureAdded new alpha blend marquee progress control and sample
6New FeatureAdded CXTPPropetySheet::RemovePage to allow add/remove pages dynamically
7New FeatureCXTTipOfTheDay::AddTip added to allow manually enter all tips
8New FeatureAdded CXTPPropetySheet::RemovePage to allow add/remove pages dynamically
9New FeatureCXTColorSelectorCtrlThemeOffice2007 added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Ribbon Customization support for CommandBarsDesigner
2MaintenanceDoPropExchange now save StatusBar visible state and Panes state
3MaintenanceFixed ComboBox drawing when Animation enabled
4Maintenancefixed MiniToolbar problem when it used in MDI Child
5New FeatureCXTPStatusBarSwitchPane::EnableSwitch method added
6New FeatureCXTPCommandBar::m_szButtonSpacing added
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureWM_XTP_RIBBONMINIMIZE notification added
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Application and Context Menus skinning support
2New FeatureMultiple skins support added
3MaintenanceSysIPAddress32 and msctls_hotkey32 now skinned like Edit
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureNew PropertyGridItemOption type added.
2New FeatureAllowEdit method added to prevent all edit operations
3New FeatureCXTPPropertyGriInplaceButton::SetHyperlink, SetShowAlways, SetAlignment methods added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureOutlook2007 theme added
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureReport control Data Binding feature added
2New FeatureMarkup features added for Header, GroupBox, GroupRow
3New FeatureAdded Windows Accessibility support for ReportControl
4New FeatureReportcontrol checkboxes now use system theme for xtpReportColumnExplorer style
5MaintenanceFix in ReportControl.SetFreezeColumnsCount (recalculate full column scrolling if need)
6MaintenanceFixed Multiline problem for Japanese language
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded a possibility to limit day view area by properties ScaleMinTime and ScaleMaxTime
2MaintenanceBugfix for recurrence events handling in MAPI Data Provider (issue 18512)
3MaintenanceEnhanced Localization for CaptionBar and DatePicker
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded GDI+ support for Markup Shapes
2New FeaturePath tag added, Rounder corners support for Border and Rectangle added
3New FeatureUniformGrid and DockPanel tags added.
4Sample updateChartSample.xaml and Path.xaml sample added
Version 12.0.2 August 22, 2008
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem in CXTSearchOptionsCtrl scroll bar
2MaintenanceFixes issues with Office 2003 theme for CXTCaption
3MaintenanceCXTTreeCtrl::GetSelectedCount was ambiguous in VC2008 with Vista headers
4MaintenanceCXTShellListCtrl now use System sorting instead of manual sort
5MaintenanceUpdated Shell list and tree to support compressed and encrypted file display if enabled by the shell
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureShowContextMenuAccelerators Option added
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureSetKeyboardTip method added for CXTPRibbonTab
2New FeatureAdded CXTPFramePaintManager class to allow draw Office2007 Frame for all Themes
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceListView header didn't use TextColor attribute
2MaintenanceEnhanced Skinned ComboBox look in Vista
3MaintenanceAdded support of transparent left, right and bottom frame borders
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureMouse Wheel support added to change Constraint values and Spin Numbers
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceIf HideClient is TRUE, "Active Files" collumn will be hidden in Keyboard Navigation window
2New Featurem_bShowPanelScrollButtons option added for DockingPaneManager to show Scroll Button for AutoHidePanels
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with CXTPReportRows::GetPrev to avoid selecting first group row if SkipGroupFocus = False
2MaintenanceFixed ReportControl.UpdateRecord and AddRecordEx methods
3New FeatureText Format added for DargDrop operation to allow drag records to other applications as text
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed memory leak with CXTPSyntaxEditFindReplaceDlg class
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1New FeatureWrapWithOverflow option added for TextWrapping attribute
Release Date
Version 12.0.1 June 27, 2008
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceOptimized CXTPPropExchangeXMLNode::FormatFile
2MaintenanceEnhanced CXTPRichRender for Unicode support
# Type Description
1MaintenanceTaskDialog expand button showed wrong arrow direction if taskdialog was expanded by default
2New FeatureAdded TaskDialog.AddInputBox, SetInputBoxText, GetInputBoxText
3New FeatureTCN_SELCHANGING added for CXTPTabControl class
4MaintenanceCXTHexEdit didn't send EN_CHANGE notification
5MaintenanceCXTResizePropertySheet had problem with Wizard mode
6MaintenanceMade some changes to 'classic' windows header theme
7MaintenanceMinor fix for caption button positioning
8Sample updateCreated CAeroCaptionTheme and CAeroSplitterWndTheme for GUI Explorer sample
9New FeatureCXTPPopupControl::ShowModal added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1Maintenancem_bAllowDoubleKeyShortcuts was not set to TRUE by default
2MaintenanceFixed 12.0 problem with Arrange MDI Child Windows
3New FeatureCommandBar::TextOrientation option added to draw Horizontal text for Vertical Toolbars
4MaintenanceToolTip in StatusBar didn't support icons
5New FeatureAdded nSubMenu parameter for CXTPCommandBarsContextMenus::Add
6MaintenanceEnhanced CXTPOffice2007FrameHook::GetAutoHideBar() to call only 1 SHAppBarMessage
7MaintenanceMinor fix to not allow call OnSetPreviewMode(FALSE) if it was not set
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRibbonBar.TabsVisible was broken in 12.0 release
2MaintenanceWith Black Office2007 theme in Miminzed state Ribbon show wrong color for selected tab
3MaintenanceDisabled text of Black theme look too dark in QAT
4MaintenanceCommandBars.RightToLeft don't work for MessageBar
5MaintenanceAdded missing FindControl method
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Black and Silver Office2007 Skins
2MaintenanceSkinFramework now hook GetSystemMetrics and return "skinned" value for SM_CYCAPTION, SM_CYSMCAPTION, SM_CXHSCROLL
3MaintenanceNM_CUSTOMDRAW support added for skinned Toolbar
4New FeatureExport to Resource Script option added for SkinBuilder
5MaintenanceBS_CENTER style support added for GroupBox
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded Markup support for Description of Items
2MaintenanceAdded Markup support for Category items
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Pane.GetClientRect
2MaintenanceFor xtpTabLayoutFixed tabs layout, DockingPane now show selected tab on start
3MaintenanceMinor flickers of 12.0.0 fixed
4MaintenanceIf user float pane first time, Width and Height passed to CreatePane will be used
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed system bug with frozen ScrollBar
2MaintenanceFixed bug with drag column from GroupBy box to columns area restricted by DisableReorderColumnsCount property
3MaintenanceFixed bugs for BestFit procedure: calculation for header/footer rows data added, calculation for invisible columns added when BestFitMode = xtpBestFitModeVisibleData. (Issues #17326, #17236, #17196)
4MaintenanceFix in SetVirtualMode implementation to use previous virtual record instead of creating a new one each time
5New FeaturextpReportFreezeColsDividerShowAlways option added
6MaintenanceFixed bug when resize column divider drawn outside client rect
7MaintenanceSent InplaceEditChanging event when spin button pressed to allow user create custom conditions ValueChanging and ValueCahnged are sent in the end of cell editing (no for each spin button click)
8New FeatureAdded ReportInplaceButton.SpinButtonMin, ReportInplaceButton.SpinButtonMax and ReportInplaceButton.SpinButtonStep
9MaintenanceFix for BestFit procedure: added calculation for Tree indent width, Icon width, Item Controls width
10MaintenanceFix for BestFit procedure: always calculate BestFit width, do not use stored after redraw width (to be independent on redraw)
11MaintenanceMade OnCancelEdit public to fix build error
# Type Description
1MaintenanceHide "Add Event" tooltip when mouse leave (Issue #17193)
2MaintenanceDo not show "Add Event" tooltip if CalendarOptions.EnableInPlaceCreateEvent property is FALSE (Issue #17193)
3New FeatureCXTPCalendarOptions::bEnablePrevNextEventButtons member added
4New FeatureCTODayViewEvent_MultiDay::m_bShowFromToArrowTextAlways member added
5New FeatureCTODayViewDayGroupCell::m_clrDynHatchBrush member added
XAML Markup Support
# Type Description
1Sample updateChartSample markup added
2New FeatureJustify option added for TextAlignment
3MaintenanceEnhanced 'LineBreak' tag
4New Feature'Auto', 'cm', 'in' etc added for 'Width' and 'Height' properties
5New Feature'pt', 'px', 'cm', 'in' support added for TextBlock.FontSize attribute
6New FeatureGrid.RowSpan/ColumnSpan added
7Maintenancewsscanf replaced to custom Parser to use '.' always as decimal separator
Version 12.0.0 April 28, 2008
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureMarkup text rendering added. Warning: All Markup functionality included only in ToolkitPro package
2New FeatureAdded xtpToolTipMarkup style. Updated TooltipContext sample to show markup
3New FeatureAdded EnableMarkup for CXTPTabManager
4New FeatureEvaluation Setup now contains common files and download runtimes for selected Visual Studio
5New FeatureAdded Visual Studio 2008 x64 for evaluation setup
6Sample updateAdded new MarkupPad and MarkupSample samples
7MaintenanceFixed AppWizard for Multiple TopFrames Application style
8MaintenanceMinor enhances of OfficeXP colors for Black High Contrast and White High Contrast modes
9New FeatureAdded xtpTabColorVisualStudio2008 tab colors
# Type Description
1New FeatureUpdated "Tip Of the Day" dialog look
2New FeatureAdded Alpha Layer support for PopupControl Background
3MaintenancePopupControl now appeared in TopRight if user has TaskBar in the top of screen and in BottomLeft if TaskBar in the left of screen
4New FeatureHotTracking added for CXTListBox with Office2007 style
5New FeatureAdded enhanced CXTPButton supported Radio, CheckBox and PushButton styles supported
6New FeatureAdded enhanced CXTPButton with 7 new Themes, Markup support, DropDown and SplitDropDown styles
7New FeatureAdded markup support for TaskDialog
8New FeatureIn CXTShellList if user right click in empty space default context menu for folder appear (with "New" command)
9MaintenanceIn CXTTreeCtrl with MultiSelection enabled if user pressed Enter selection was removed
10MaintenanceFix in CXTRegistryManager::EnumValues to prevent endless loop
11MaintenanceCXTPTaskPanel didn't set m_pParentWnd member in 11.2.2 release
12MaintenanceFixed infinite loop in CXTTreeitem::FindItem for Backward Search in Tree with multiple roots
13MaintenanceCXTTreeCtrl::InitSystemImageLists failed if user don't have "C:" drive
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureOffice2007 like MessageBar added
2New FeatureOffice2007 like MiniBar control added
3New FeatureOffice 2007 switches and Slider added for StatusBar
4New FeatureStatusBar user customization added
5New FeatureProgressBar added for StatusBar
6New FeatureAdded Vista Menus support for NativeXPTheme theme
7New FeatureVisual Studio 2008 theme added
8New FeatureAccess2007 Tabs style added
9New FeatureMarkup support added for StatusBar
10New FeatureAdded Action Library pane for CommandBarsDesigner to allow share same actions between different commandbars
11MaintenanceAdded shadow for bottom-right pixel of popup menu in Ribbon theme
12MaintenanceOffice 2007 Tooltip is rounded now
13MaintenanceMenuGripper changed for Office2007 theme
14MaintenanceChanged algorithm of handling Office2007 frame. Fixed problem with AutoHide taskbar that was always covered by Office2007 frame
15MaintenancePopups resizing fixed for RTL mode
16MaintenanceUser was able recursively drag popup to same popup
17MaintenanceUser was able to click spin buttons in disabled Edit
18Maintenanceif user click tab of TabWorkspace, MDI child window will be restored if it was minimized
19Maintenance"Copy Button Image" item in customization context menu didn't work right in 11.2.2 release
20MaintenanceFixed Critical bug with noteditable ComboBox
21MaintenanceAdded MB_RTLREADING for MessageBoxes if Arabic or Hebrew translation is used
22New FeatureAdded enhances CXTPPrintPreview class
23New FeatureReworked CXTPShortcutManager to allow double key combinations (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+V)
24New FeatureReworked StatusBar. Removed dependence from standard statusbar control from ComCtrl32
25New FeatureCXTPControlProgress class added
26New FeatureAdded new CXTPControlHyperlink, CXTPControlBitmap, CXTPControlMarkupLabel classes. Added new RibbonControls samples to demonstrate available controls
27MaintenanceIf user pressed Mouse in Autocomplete window, it only selected text in edit but not Execute
28MaintenanceSetCommandUsed didn't called in ContextMenu if TPM_RETURNCMD option was used
29MaintenanceCustom Tooltip now send TTN_SHOW before show tip
30MaintenanceCXTPHookManager and CXTPShadowsManager moved to Common module to allow use it for any window. Removed obsolete CXTWndShadow and CXTWndHook
31MaintenanceRestored ImageManager.AddIcons method that was broken in 11.2.2 release
32Sample updateComboDatePicker added for CustomThemed sample
33Sample updateUpdated ColorPicker gallery in RibbonSample. It shows how to calculate lighter/darker colors using basic defined by theme
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhanced arrow navigation for Ribbon. Now user can press Alt and use Up/Downl/Left/Right arrows same way as Office 2007
2New FeatureEnahanced RibbonTheme. Added CheckBox and RadioMarks for RibbonPopups, fixed colors for Blue and Black themes
3New FeatureOptimized CXTPOffice2007Image. Now it stores Bitmap bits - not HBITMAPs to save GDI Handlers
4New FeatureChanges to allow use Ribbon as simple Menu with System button
5MaintenanceUser now can highlight command and slit part of Splitter button in application menu
6MaintenanceAfter user Minimize/Restored Ribbon always first Tab was selected
7MaintenanceFixed problem with contextmenu on font gallery
8MaintenanceRibbon always showed "Customize" item in Contextmenu even if Customization was disabled
9MaintenanceRibbon bar frame had just 1 pixel bottom border to resize
10MaintenanceFixed problem of frame jump in Vista if user click caption while some context menu is visible
11MaintenanceCode assumed that Quick access always added in the end of list. can be not. Fixed
12MaintenanceNow recent file list is left aligned in application menu
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded SkinBuilder tool
2MaintenanceUnicode SkinFramework version didn't draw Unicode window caption for ANSI window
3MaintenanceFixed button flicker when WM_SETTEXT was sent
4ImportantReworked Office2007 and Vista styles. Replace them for last versions
5ImportantFixed problem with Vista x64 SP1
6New FeatureEnhanced ProgressBar drawing for Vista skin
7New FeatureAdded NormalBlack2.ini for Vista skin with Vista Close button
8MaintenanceFixes in RegionFromBitmap to allow nonstandard caption's shape
9MaintenanceDll hooking of 11.2.2 crashed applications
10MaintenanceFixed Menus drawing in NT4
11MaintenanceCXTPSkinManagerApiHook::OnHookDrawThemeBackground didn't use last Clip parameter
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhanced Office2007 for PropertyGrid. Added Office2007 Buttons and CheckBox
2New FeatureMarkup support added for Item Captions
3MaintenanceCategory items now also can have Combo and Expand buttons
4MaintenanceColor popup now appeared at top of item if window placed at bottom of screen
5MaintenanceChanging Height and MultiLinesCount properties didn't update height after item was already added
6MaintenanceFixed tooltip refresh problem for bottom item with variable height grid
7MaintenanceIconIndex of Category metrics didn't used
8New FeaturebTabCaptions parameter added for NavigateItems method to navigate only values
9New FeatureResetContent parameter added for BeginUpdate
10New FeatureEnableMultiselect method added for Grid
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureDockingPane Word2007 theme added
2New FeaturePaneActionSplitterResizing Action added
3New FeatureVisio like SidePanels added!
4MaintenanceMaximized state was not saved to registry
5New FeatureAdded xtpPaneNoFloatableByTabDoubleClick, xtpPaneNoFloatableByCaptionDoubleClick options
Task Panel
# Type Description
1New FeatureMarkup support added for TaskPanel
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhances ShortcutBar 2007 theme. Added SetExpanable/SetExpanded methods
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureBlue, Black and Silver themes added for Report 2007 style
2New FeatureReportControl.MultiSelectionMode property added (Issue #11928)
3MaintenanceFix for AddRecordEx - do not process invisible records (Issue #15830)
4New FeatureAdded event XTP_NM_REPORT_GROUPORDERCHANGED/GroupOrderChanged (Issue #8427)
5New FeatureDelayed EnsureVisible implemented (Issue #8649)
6MaintenanceSmall bug fixed with frozen columns, frozen columns glitches eliminated
7New FeatureMultiline tooltip feature added
8New FeatureIndent color added
9New FeatureAdded report record item controls (buttons)
10New FeatureVirtual mode tree view
11New FeatureMarkup support added for Repot Control
12New FeatureAdded property GroupByNoItemsTextColor
13New FeatureUpdated Italian and Taiwan resources
14New FeatureCXTPReportControl::IsLayoutRTL added
15MaintenanceFixes for printing in RTL mode added
16New FeatureAdded new members to CXTPReportControl: PopulateHeaderRows, PopulateFooterRows
# Type Description
1New FeatureGo To Previous/Next Appointment buttons added to Office 2007 theme
2New FeatureOffice 2007 tooltip style adjusted to be more theme-friendly
3New FeatureAdded popup hint button 'Click to add appointment'
4New FeatureDatePicker.MultiSelectionMode property added
5New FeatureMarkup support for Calendar Events added
6New FeatureOffice 2007 style Calendar Caption Bar added
7New FeatureAdded xtpCalendarFullWeekView
8MaintenanceVisual Studio 2005 error fixed
9New FeatureAdded event shadow for Office 2007 theme
10MaintenanceSmall fix to sort events like in Outlook, sorting of events in day view adjusted to be similar with Outlook
11MaintenanceAccess 2007 fixes (Issue #: 16148)
12New FeatureXTPCalendarTheme enum added. Get/SetPaintTheme methods added
13New FeatureAdded event shadow for Office 2007 theme
14New FeatureUINT nIDTemplate - parameter added to constructors of CDialog based classes to allow use custom resource templates
15MaintenanceReminders manager member made as 'protected' instead of 'private'
16New FeatureOptimized CXTPOffice2007Image now it stores bits - not HBITMAP to safe GDI Handlers
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1New FeatureCollapsibleNodes property added to show/hide nodes area. Property page updated
2New FeatureReadOnly property added to SyntaxEdit (back color for read-only state added to paint manager)
3New FeatureAdded PaintManager object and properties
4New FeatureAdded HideCaret property
5New FeatureJScript schema added
6MaintenanceSkip to reload configuration if ReloadConfig(file) called with current config file name
7New FeatureSyntaxEdit.AutoCompleteWndWidth property added (Issue #15825)
8MaintenanceFixes with AutoCompleate window placement and using selection
9New FeatureSyntaxEdit.EnableEditAccelerators property added. Added optional support for Standard edit accelerators: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo and Select All operations. (Issue #15705)
10New FeatureIME support added
11New FeatureData size limit added for undo manager (50 MB by default)
12MaintenanceFixed bug with drawing selection in non-virtual space mode
13MaintenanceTab order changed for Find and Find and Replace dialogs
14MaintenanceVirtualSpace mode made as OFF by default
15MaintenanceThe slow schema Build step moved from schema loading to on open document time (set scheme to parser)
16MaintenanceFixed bug with long waiting thread end for already finished thread
17MaintenanceFixes in updating horizontal scroll bar
18New FeatureChanges to allow custom colorization and folding (overriding virtual functions)
19MaintenancePrevent re-entering in CXTPSyntaxEditView::OnSize
20MaintenanceFixed bug in CXTPSyntaxEditBufferManager::ChangeCase (Issue #15989)
Version 11.2.2 December 12, 2007
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded evaluation version for Visual Studio 2008
# Type Description
1MaintenanceCXTPPropertySheet failed when DoModal() was called twice for same dialog
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor fix with NumPad number handles as Accelerator keys
2New FeatureGetSliderCtrl and SetSliderStyle methods added for CXTPControlSlider
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdjustWindowRectEx hooked method enhanced for Vista
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceCXTPPropertyGridItem::Remove crashed in 11.2.1 release
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed minor flicker in Floating DockingPanes when user double clicked on caption to dock them
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with long waiting thread end for already ended thread
2MaintenanceThe slow schema Build step moved from schema loading to on open document time
3MaintenanceFew bugs with selection fixed
Version 11.2.1 November 2, 2007
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRemoved Unicode symbols from source headers to prevent warnings in Japanese locale
2ImportantReworked ImageManager to optimize GDI Objects usage. Now instead all icon handles will be created\combined into 2 bitmaps (image and mask) that contain these icons. If the icon was accessed directly, you will need to create copy of icon handle before you read/modify it
# Type Description
1MaintenanceXT_SELENDCANCEL was sent twice for CXTColorPopup if user press Escape
2New FeatureCPS_XT_NOAUTOMATIC styles added for ColorPopup
3New FeatureOffice2007 added for CXTPPopupControl
4MaintenanceCXTPPropertyPageTabNavigator had problem with xtpTabLayoutMultiRow layout
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenancePaste/Cut now shown disabled for ReadOnly edit
2New FeatureAdded xtpButtonIconAndCaption and xtpButtonCaptionAndDescription style support for gallery to draw both icon and text
3MaintenanceFixed 11.2 bug when Original controls was not reset in Copy method.
4MaintenanceFixed bug when LoadCommandBars didn't restore customization if it was saved in file and not in registry
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceKeyboard Tips appeared above Tooltip
2MaintenanceCursor didn't restore after user resized Gallery
3MaintenanceWrong font used to calculate minimum group width
4Sample updateUndo Popup gallery demo added.
5MaintenanceUpdated bitmaps for horizontal scroll bar
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded StepIt method support for PBS_MARQUEE progressbar style
2MaintenanceCDDS_ITEMPOSTPAINT + CDDS_POSTPAINT added for skinned TrackBar
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureOffice2007 style added
2New FeatureAdded CXPTPropertyGridItem::MoveItem method
3MaintenanceOnCancelEdit, OnAfterEdit was not called for xtpGridItemColorPopup color item
4Sample updateNew Custom IP Address item added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded RTL support for DockingPaneWindowSelect dialog
2New FeaturebDelay parameter added for CXTPDockingPaneMiniWnd::Collapse method
Task Panel
# Type Description
1MaintenanceOnEndLabelEdit now will be called even if user presses Escape or Enter with empty value
2New FeatureAdded support to tab child dialog controls inside TaskPanel
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAddRecordEx, RemoveRecordEx changed to work with records tree (record which has children)
2New FeatureUpdateRecord method added to update record position after changing data
3New FeatureHeaderRowsAllowAccess, FooterRowsAllowAccess properties added
4MaintenanceOffice 2007 theme added for 'Outlook' style of header/footer rows divider
5MaintenanceHeader/Footer rows small fixes
6MaintenanceFixed access violation bug with header/footer rows printing. (Issue #15020)
7MaintenanceRemoved unnecessary calls for CWnd::OnH/VScroll. Added pointer verification for not NULL before call
8MaintenanceBug in CXTPReportControl::SetFullColumnScrolling fixed (check for m_hWnd for window related operation added)
9New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_SELCHANGING added (Issue #15097)
10MaintenanceOther small fixes with selection, moving focus, ...
11Sample updateReportCustomDraw MFC sample project moved from ExtendedSamples to general samples folder
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSubject, Location, Body fields maximum length changed from 255 chars to 65,536 chars
2MaintenanceDatePicker: fixed bug with drawn week day names (first char only) for 2 bytes MBCS chars. (Issue #14834)
3MaintenanceRemoved unnecessary calls for CWnd::OnH/VScroll. Added pointer verification for not NULL before call
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSyntax edit updated to work correctly with hieroglyphs (as far as with non fixed pitch fonts)
2MaintenanceSome fixes for MBCS support added
3MaintenanceText selection implementation changed
4MaintenanceChanged behavior of line marks move/delete when rows inserted/deleted
5New FeatureAuto Complete behavior enhanced: list automatically updated when the user is typing; mouse wheel processing added
6New Feature'Virtual Space' mode added
7MaintenanceAuto Indent mechanism changed
8MaintenanceUpdating vertical scroll position when Paste added
9New FeatureLUA and VBScript schemas added
10MaintenanceFixed bug with chars entering by 'Alt Gr' + key. (Issue #14807)
11MaintenanceFixed bug with using Enter in 'Find/Replace' dialog
12MaintenanceOther small changes and fixes with editing, selection, dragging, updating view
13MaintenancePrint/PrintPreview updated. Line wrap added for long lines
14New FeatureUsing the common static PaintManager changed to use separate object for each control. CXTPSyntaxEdit::Get/SetPaintManager methods added
16MaintenanceFixed bug with updating scroll bars state and positions for split views
17New FeatureCXTPSyntaxEditSelection class added
Version 11.2.0September 14, 2007
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpSystemThemeRoyale and xtpSystemThemeAero added. Now in Vista Office2003 theme looks like in Luna blue
2New FeatureEnhanced ResourceManager to use codepage from resources to convert strings from Unicode to ANSI
3New FeatureEnhanced CXTPToolTipContext - added SetToolTipCtrl method to set custom tooltip class
4ImportantSource\Ribbon\Styles folder moved to Source\Styles, please change your rc2 files
5New FeatureHTML Tooltip style added
6New FeatureAdded Visual Studio 2008 beta 2 deployment support
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPPropertySheet/CXTPPropertyPage added. With support for Tabbed, List and Tree Navigators; with resizing and scrolling. See Controls\PropertySheet sample
2MaintenanceMinor enhances for CXTColorPageCustom
3MaintenanceMinor fix in TaskDialog if very long string without spaces used
4MaintenanceTrayIcon didn't restore self if Explorer was crashed and restored
5MaintenanceModified CXTTrayIcon::ShowBaloon to work not only with Win2000 but with shell 5.0 (Also WinME)
6New FeatureAdded listbox border around CXTEditListBoxToolBar if WinXP theme used
7New FeatureTDM_NAVIGATE_PAGE support added for TaskDialog
8MaintenanceCXTResize now handle Client rect - not window rect
9New FeatureAdded CXTColorSelectorCtrl::SetColors, CXTColorPicker::SetColors methods to set custom colors for color popup
10New FeatureAdded CXTPTaskDialog::Create to create modeless task dialog. (not supported by Vista)
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureStatusBar's buttons added, SetRibbonDividerIndex method added
2New FeatureCXTPOriginalControls class added for original controls
3MaintenanceCXTPControlComboBox generated 2 EditChanged notification if selection was changed in popuped list
4New FeatureCXTPControlGallery::SetResizable method added to allow resize popup with gallery
5New FeatureAdded virtual CXTPControlComboBox::DrawItem to draw owner drawn items. Added support of Office2007 items style
6New FeatureAdded CXTPControlComboBox::SetListIconId to draw icons in combobox list
7MaintenanceDragging item to TabbedToolbar didn't show it immediately
8New FeatureAdded CXTPControl::SetKeyboardTip method
9MaintenanceClicking in IME window while edit in focus sometimes cancel edit
10New FeatureGallery scroll animation added
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor visual enhances
2MaintenanceFixed bug when Ribbon and SkinFramework used in Vista AERO mode - caption didn't draw
3New FeatureAdded Load/Save Ribbon bar support to XML. See RibbonMDISamples how to load RibbonBar from XML
4New FeatureA lot of small changes to match guidelines
5MaintenanceRibbon now show context quick access menu for all its submenus
6New FeatureXTP_GN_STARTDRAG notification added when user drag item from gallery
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDrawing optimization made
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnhanced PropertyGrid look inside themed PropertyPage. ToolBar and Splitter space now transparent
2New FeatureEnableTooltips method added
3New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridInplaceButton::SetEnabled method added
4New FeatureCXTPPropetyGridItem::SetAutoComplete method added for Grid items
5New FeatureCXTPPropetyGridItem::SetExpandable method added
6New FeatureCXTPPropetyGridItem::SetToolTip, CXTPPropertyGridInplaceButton::SetTooltip method added, CXTPPropertyGrid::GetTooltipContext added
Task Panel
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpTaskPanelThemeShortcutBarOffice2007 theme added
2New FeatureCXTPTaskPanelItem::SetItemFont added to set font for individual item
3New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::EnableAnimation method added
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded flags for vertical alignment of record item icon
2New FeatureHeader/Footer Rows (and records) feature added
3MaintenanceFixed bug with hyper-links im multiline/wordbreak mode (spaces where not supported inside hyper-link)
4MaintenanceProblem in load column layout fixed, Allow safely remove/add columns (The 'InternalColumnName' property will be used rather than column index)
5New FeatureAdd themes for Office 2007 header and footer style
6New FeatureHeaderHeightFormula added to customize header height
7New FeatureIcon vertical alignment flags applied to CheckBox and Expand/Collaps tree images
8MaintenanceSome optimization made for drawing multi-line text
9New FeatureCXTPReportControl::ReSortRows() added and used when sort order only changed instead of Populate
10New FeatureCXTPReportColumn::EnsureVisible method added
11MaintenanceFixed bug with in-place editing when CXTPReportControl is attached to a CXTTabCtrl (Issue #13808)
12New FeatureAdded members for speed optimization: CXTPReportRows::ReserveSize, CXTPReportRows::SetSize, CXTPReportRows::SetAt, CXTPReportRecords::SetSize, CXTPReportRecords::SetAt (Issue #13448)
13New Feature'InsideCellButton' property added: methods CXTPReportInplaceButton::IsInsideCellButton, CXTPReportInplaceButton::SetInsideCellButton. Some fixes in positioning of inplace buttons (Issue #13914)
14MaintenanceAdded processing of CXTPReportRecordItemEditOptions::m_bSelectTextOnEdit property to CXTPReportNavigator::BeginEdit (Issue #13933)
15New FeatureCXTPReportColumn::SetBestFitMode, CXTPReportColumn::GetBestFitMode methods added to allow calculate best column width for all rows or for visible rows only
16New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_DRAGDROP_COMPLETED notification added
17New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_BEGINEDIT notification added
18New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_FOCUS_CHANGING notification added
19New FeatureHint text added for CXTPReportFilterEditControl: SetHint, GetHint
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSmall fixes in Office 2007 Theme to be the same as latest MS Office 2007 version
2MaintenanceDatePicker now update cached names when current language changed
3New FeatureAdded additional MAPI parameters support for data provider connection string: mapiProfileName, mapiPassword, mapiFlags (Issues: #13505, #13245)
4MaintenanceFixed RTL mode problem in Office2007 theme
5New FeatureCalendarDayView.EnsureVisibleGroup method added
6New FeatureTime Zone changed event processing added
7New FeatureSupport Calendar Event Categories for Office 2007 Theme added
8MaintenanceDatePicker, attached to Calendar, optimized to call Invalidate instead of UpdateWindow when EventChanged/Added/Deleted notifications received from data provider
9MaintenanceControl Initialization added when creating as a custom control from resource (SubclassWindow called)
10New FeaturextpCalendarItemText_EventStartTimeText, xtpCalendarItemText_EventEndTimeText added to allow customize events 'start' and 'End' displayed time text using XTP_NC_CALENDAR_GETITEMTEXT notification
11New FeatureAdditional options to show always Start/End event times in Week and Month Views added. See enum XTPCalendarAdditionalOptions and members CXTPCalendarOptions::dwAdditionalOptions
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceBug with buffer overflow and wrong buffer size fixed. (Issue #13910)
2MaintenanceProcessing lex variables with ':not' operator bug fixed
3MaintenanceSome fixes: with scrollbars, Find/Replace, open files via command line
4New FeatureScheme for python language added
5MaintenanceControl Initialization added when creating as a custom control from resource (SubclassWindow called)
6MaintenanceFixed bug with updating scrollbars in CVeiw derived parent
Release Date
Version 11.1.3 May 30, 2007
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed some installer issues that would sometimes happen on Windows 9x
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug of 11.1.2 when CustomControl/Combo/Edit was hidden for Popup menus
Version 11.1.2 May 22, 2007
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMerged same resources to common folder
2MaintenanceMinor updates in CXTPTaskDialog - Added CreateFromResourceParam, fixed problem with null terminated strings when loaded from resources
3MaintenanceEnhanced CXTPTaskButtonTheme to allow use it for simple dialogs - not only CXTPTaskDialog
4MaintenanceFixed problem in resources of 11.1 release when _XTP_RESOURCE_LANGUAGE macro used
5New FeatureImport from Dll/Exe added for ResourceEditor application
6New FeatureCompiled dll and xml translations with ResourceEditor added for all MFC packages
7MaintenanceFix in CXTHexEdit appeared when upper case characters entered
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed minor glitch when user resize very big floating toolbar and it has to disappear from screen
2MaintenanceFixed problem with GalleryControl of 11.1 release when Selected after click become -1
3MaintenanceEnhanced CXTPControlActions::FindAction method to use binary search
4MaintenanceFixed some issues with RightToLeft mode on Arabic/Hebrew Windows 98
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceIf AutoHide button clicked focus now will be set to docking site
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceReapply in-place edit styles from edit options. (Issue #13286)
2MaintenanceFixed bug with changing constraint value in in-place editor using Up/Down keys. (Issue #13489)
3New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_EDIT_CANCELED notification added
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSome fixes to avoid Office 2007 theme crash in VS 2003 build. This is a compiler problem and "VS 7.1 Service Pack 1" fix it
2MaintenanceDatePicker. Update week days and months names when resource language changed
3MaintenanceSmall fixes in Office 2007 Theme to be more similar to the latest MS Office 2007 version
4MaintenanceFixed bug with selecting cells on the DayView time scale (Issue #12242)
5MaintenanceDayView HitTest function fixed to return results for day and group headers. (Issue #13375)
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem with Save dialog in Internet Explorer if skin applied
2MaintenanceFixed conflict with DMWClient tool
3MaintenanceText color for Combo and Edit by default used from System colors - not from SkinFramework theme
4MaintenanceFixed problem in SkinFramework when it was declared but LoadSkin never called
5MaintenanceFix for RTL mode - Dropdown combo showed 2 scrollbars if WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL used
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceString "Are you sure you want to restore the Quick Access Toolbar" moved from code to resources
2MaintenanceIsMinimized renamed to IsRibbonMinimzed to reduce conflict with macro defined in windowsx.h
3MaintenanceCXTPControl::OnRButtonDown not called for controls in Ribbonbar
Version 11.1.0 April 16, 2007
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureEvaluation packages now download help and Unicode binaries from internet to reduce file size
2MaintenanceEnhanced Color Custom page for ColorPicker property sheet. Luminance now will not change if user select color from picker.
3MaintenanceEnableContextMenu of CXTShellListBase did nothing
4New FeatureCXTPTaskDialog class added to emulate Vista Task Dialog for all OSes, see new VistaTaskDialog sample
5New FeatureMajor changes in CXTButton class to support BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON and BS_PUSHBUTTON styles
6MaintenanceBug with class member pointer size fixed in notify connection sink implementation (in C++ size of pointer to class member may be 4, 8 or 12 bytes)
7Sample updateUpdated ReBar sample to show IE7 style tabs
8New FeatureBulgarian translation added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpWorkspaceShowCloseTab and xtpWorkspaceShowCloseSelectedTab flags added
2New FeatureUpdated toolbars appearance for Ribbon theme
3MaintenanceFixed problem in HookManager when one hook called from another
5New FeatureAdded Horizontal scrollbar images for Office2007 and Ribbon themes, CXTPControlSlider and CXTPControlScrollBar are added
6MaintenanceEnhanced algorithm of finding width of combo drop button for large DPIs. Now it works exactly like in Office
7New FeatureSetColor method added for CXTPControlButtonColor control
8MaintenanceFixed dangerous bug of 10.4.2 in CXTPAccessible.
9Sample updateCommandBarControls sample added
10New FeatureCXTPControlTabWorkspace control added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureSlider and SpinButtons support added for items
2New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItemMultilineString class added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAfter docking to Floating Frame it now move to top.
2New FeatureAdded virtual CXTPDockingPaneWindowSelect::GetItemCaption, GetItemDescription, GetItemPath.
3New FeatureAdded CXTPDockingPaneManager::SetKeyboardWindowSelectClass method to allow use custom CXTPDockingPaneWindowSelect window.
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDo not print columns header if it is not visible
2MaintenanceBlack&White printing made more contrasted.
3MaintenancePrint page Header/Footer small bugs fixed (with background color and text alignment).
4MaintenanceSuport Hyperlinks in multiline mode. Check and validate HyperLink offset, Len and text length before draw.
5MaintenanceFixed bug with HyperLink color (for focused column it was invisible).
6MaintenanceFixed bug in PreviewKeyDown propcessing (call PreviewKeyDown from PreTranslateMessage to avoid OnChar if key canceled).
7MaintenanceInplace ListControl HotSearch by subwords added (instead of search by first letter only).
8MaintenanceCheck for COleDateTime::valid status added in DateTime format finction.
9Maintenance"Cut" method use RemoveRowEx to remove rows on the fly (without Populate call).
10MaintenanceReportColumn.HeaderAlignment and ReportColumn.FooterAlignment properties added to serialization.
11MaintenanceSafe version serialization added to ReportControl settings and ReportRecords.
12MaintenanceReportControl IsEditMode logick changed to return TRUE when inplace combobox (List) active.
13New FeatureCall ValueChanging with user input string berore convert to record type to allow fix/adjust user input.
14MaintenanceRussian resources updated.
15New FeatureAdded Office2007 column style
16MaintenanceFixed bug in report row height calcutation in multiline mode. Draw words ellipses added.
17MaintenanceWhen resize column, if next column is "last resizeble" but not "auto size" column - resize it too.
18New FeatureWord break added to draw NoItems text.
19MaintenanceEnableDragDrop changed to Revoke drop target when drag-drop flags 0 (disabled).
20MaintenanceRedraw control before start editing in CXTPReportControl::EditItem and CXTPReportNavigator::BeginEdit to update columns positions if control was scrolled before.
21New Featurem_bAllowCut/m_bAllowPaste options are added for CXTPReportView
22New FeatureCustom heap feature added. CXTPReportControl::UseReportCustomHeap added.
23New FeatureBatch allocation feature added. Batch allocation for report rows implemented (see CXTPReportControl::UseRowBatchAllocation and CXTPReportControl::FreeRowBatchExtraData).
24MaintenanceReportColumn.HeaderAlignment and ReportColumn.FooterAlignment properties added to serialization.
25New FeatureMode to send ContextMenu event for whole header area added. Added member CXTPReportHeader::s_bSendContextMenuForWholeHeaderArea
26New FeatureAdded methods to remove records/rows on the fly (without Populate call) CXTPReportControl::RemoveRowEx(CXTPReportRow*), CXTPReportControl::RemoveRecordEx(CXTPReportRecord*)
27New FeatureAdded methods: CXTPReportRecords::RemoveRecord(CXTPReportRecord*), CXTPReportRows::RemoveRow(CXTPReportRow*), CXTPReportRows::FindInTree(CXTPReportRecord*)
31Sample updateSeparate Sample project to show custom heap feature added.
32Sample updateFixed bug with serialization version for CMessageRecord (was 0).
33MaintenanceSome members of CXTPReportRecordItem made as virtual.
34New FeatureCXTPReportPaintManager::m_clrSelectedRow and CXTPReportPaintManager::m_clrSelectedRowText members added.
35New FeatureCXTPReportControl::GetHScrollStep, CXTPReportControl::SetHScrollStep members added.
# Type Description
1MaintenanceBlack&White printing made more contrasted.
2MaintenancePrint page Header/Footer small bug fixed (with text alignment).
3MaintenanceFixed bug with dragging events in the DayView.
4New FeatureOffice 2007 Theme. Draw all headers using alpha bitmaps patterns. Hot Items support added.
5New FeatureOffice 2007 Theme. Support Expand/Scroll buttons added (using alpha bitmaps patterns).
6New FeatureOffice 2007 Theme. Headers customization added (via custom alpha bitmaps patterns).
7New FeatureDayView Horizontal scrolling (and minimal column width) added.
8New FeatureEdit Event Built-in dialog. Editor for Body field added.
9MaintenanceFixed bug with dragging events in the DayView (initial mouse offset from event start is kept during dragging).
10MaintenanceCalendar Built-in Edit Recurrence dialog. Month day valid range fixed to be 1-31 (instead of 1-12).
11MaintenanceRemoveRecurrence set event duration for master event like in ocurrence event.
12MaintenanceRussian resources updated.
13New FeatureMAPI data provider enhanced to add runtime custom properties for calendar events: "MAPIEntryID", "MAPISearchKey"
14MaintenanceMAPI data provider bug fixed: MAPI Time zone data size may be grater than head structure (skip tail data).
15New FeatureOffice 2007 Theme. Events to customize Expand/Scroll buttons clicks added.
16New FeatureAdded separate multi-resources configuration for each day. Use XTP_NC_CALENDAR_PREPOPULATE_DAY notification and CXTPCalendarViewDay::SetResources method.
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceHDF_BITMAP_ON_RIGHT support added for Header control
2MaintenanceFixed bug of static linkes applications.
3MaintenanceRemoved scrollbar conflicts with DBI-tech controls, ComponentOne grid and conflict with Infragistics's ColorCombo
4New FeatureAdded RTL support for SkinFramewrok
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor changes for large DPI support
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAdded heuristic to determine unicode file format.
2New FeatureHelp updated: link to LexSchemas topic added.
3MaintenanceUsing resources updated to use XTPResourceManager.
4MaintenanceRussian resources updated.
5MaintenanceAllow CXTPSyntaxEditView works without Document object (to be used with Docking Panes).
6MaintenanceFixed bug with rereading schema when its configuration file changed.
Version 10.4.2 January 26, 2007
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug of 10.4 when panes sometimes didn't redraw tabs
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDo not print columns header if it is not visible
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceWM_MOUSEWHEEL processed 2 times
2MaintenanceFixed DateTime control skinning
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceAllow CXTPSyntaxEditView works without Document object (to be used with Docking Panes)
Version 10.4.1 January 18, 2007
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug of 10.4 where LargeIcons option for RibbonTheme didn't work
2MaintenanceIn 10.4 font for Ribbon become larger when previous releases if Sergoe UI font was not found
3MaintenanceFixes minor cosmetic changes of 10.4 release
4MaintenanceEnhanced algorithm of Keyboard handling for Accelerators of Non English locale (Norwegian, German keys)
5MaintenanceCXTPStatusBar of 10.4 crashed if m_bCommandBarsTheme was set to FALSE
6New FeatureCXTControlAction::SetKeyboardTip added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRightToLeft layout was disabled in 10.4 release
2MaintenanceDatePicker of Date item crashed in Vista
3MaintenanceIf Size item was readonly, user was able to change children "Width" and "Height" items
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug of 10.4 when DestroyPane called for Floating collapsed window
2Maintenance"Active Tools" and "Active Files" strings from source code moved to resources
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceReport of 10.4 crash if user click in Preview field
2MaintenancePrint Report tree Expand (+/-) buttons
3MaintenancePrint report Footer added
4MaintenanceBug with page footer text color fixed
5MaintenanceFixed bug with editing Items in Virtual mode
6MaintenancePrint Column Header icons transparently for Office2003 heder style
7MaintenanceRemove _tsetlocale() call. Localized format date/time function added instead
8New FeatureAdded members CXTPReportControl::IsFullColumnScrolling, CXTPReportControl::SetFullColumnScrolling
9New FeatureAdded members CXTPReportPaintManager::GetFreezeColsDividerStyle, CXTPReportPaintManager::SetFreezeColsDividerStyle, XTPReportFreezeColsDividerStyle enum and CXTPReportPaintManager::m_clrFreezeColsDivider
10MaintenanceAdded member CXTPReportHeader::s_bShowItemsInGroupsPXDefault to support versions compatibility
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with Snoozed Calendar Reminders processing. Clear Snooze data after wake-up from snooze
2MaintenanceFew small bugs in Data Provider cache fixed
3MaintenanceAccess DB built-in data provider. Body field type changed from TEXT[255] to MEMO
4MaintenanceInter-Year selection bug on attached Date Picker fixed
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded WM_PRINTCLIENT message support
2MaintenanceSystem menu for caption now moved accordingly height of caption
3MaintenanceFixed bug with changing skin if color quality is 256 bit
4MaintenanceFixed skinnging bug in 64x Vista OS
5MaintenanceFixed skinnging of Initernet Explorer form controls
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceIf group of Ribbon was hidden by code (Visible property) this group was visible in Minimized mode
2MaintenanceCXTPRibbonControlSystemPopupBarButton controls in System popup now have 16*16 icons size by default
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed compiler error of 10.4 in Chinese locale
2MaintenanceFixed compiler error of 10.4 if STL included before Toolkit
3MaintenanceFixed bug with opening Read-Only files
4MaintenanceAdditional members to control scrollbars usage added. Some fixes for scrollbars blinking
5MaintenanceFixed bug with adjusting layout (scroll bars, items position) in AutoComplete window
Version 10.4 December 16, 2006
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpControlRadioButton added
2New FeaturextpButtonIconAndCaptionBelow and xtpButtonCaptionAndDescription button styles added
3New FeatureContextMenus collection added with ability customize them in customization dialog
4New FeatureShowKeyboardTips option added
5New FeatureCXTPCommandBarsOptions::bWrapLargePopups option added
6New FeatureCXTPControl::SetExecuteOnPressInterval method added to send WM_COMMAND for button while it pressed
7New FeatureCXTPControlEdit::ShowSpinButtons() method added
8New FeatureCXTPCommandBar::SetShowGripper method added, CXTPCommandBar::SetDefaultButtonStyle property added, xtpButtonCaptionAndDescription style added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureOfficeXP style added, XTPPropertyGridVisualTheme::xtpGridThemeOfficeXP added
2New FeatureNow Item can have 2 or more inplace buttons. Text and Image support added for inplace buttons, PropertyGridInplaceButton class added
3New FeatureCXTPPropertyGrid::SetBorderStyle method added(xtpGridBorderNone, xtpGridBorderFlat, xtpGridBorderStaticEdge, xtpGridBorderClientEdge)
4ImportantChanged parameters of OnInplaceButtonDown virtual method, in XTP_PGN_INPLACEBUTTONDOWN notification now lParam point to CXTPPropertyGridInplaceButton to support 2 or more inplace buttons for same item
5New FeatureSetShowInplaceButtonsAlways method added to show inplace buttons for inactive items
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1ImportantNow Unpinning action sends when pane Entered to AutoHide mode and Pinning when exit from AutoHide mode
2MaintenanceDisable close button for floating panes when xtpPaneNoClosable option specified
3New FeaturePinning/Unpinning, Collapsing/Expanding actions now send for floating panes
4New Feature DockingPaneAction::PaneActionUnpinning, DockingPaneAction::PaneActionUnpinned flags added
5New FeatureAdded EnableKeyboadNavigate method and DockingPaneKeyboardNavigate enumeration to navigate panes using Alt+F6, Alt+F7, Ctrl+Tab, Alt+Minus keys
6New FeatureCXTPDockingPane::SetEnabled/GetEnaled methods added
7New FeatureCXTPDockingPanePaintManager::m_bDrawCaptionIcon variable added
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureAutoScroll (vertical) added when dragging rows
2MaintenanceFixed crash on items editing in Virtual Mode
3MaintenanceFixed bug with vertical alignment of a cell text. Top is the default text alignment
4MaintenanceApplied user locale settings for formatting date/time from custom format string
5MaintenanceCheckbox state is changed only if user click on checkbox image (and is not changed when clicking other cell space)
6New FeatureAdded option to use current resource language ID as a base locale to retrieve date/time settings and names. See also: UseResourceFileLocale property
7New FeatureCXTPReportColumn::m_bAutoSortWhenGrouped property added
8New FeatureCXTPReportColumn::IsAllowRemove method added
9Sample update"No sort" item added to header context menu
10New FeatureCXTPReportControl::SortRows made as 'virtual', CXTPReportControl::SetRowsCompareFunc(), CXTPReportRows::SortEx() methods added as a additional way to customize sorting
11MaintenanceMany methods made as 'virtual' in CXTPReportRow, CXTPReportRows
12New FeatureCXTPReportPageSetupDialog class added
13New FeatureCXTPReportView::GetPrintOptions method and CXTPReportViewPrintOptions class added
14New FeatureCXTPReportControl::SortRows made as 'virtual', CXTPReportControl::SetRowsCompareFunc(), CXTPReportRows::SortEx() methods added as a additional way to customize sorting
15New FeatureCXTPReportRecordItem::OnEditCanceled virtual method added
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDayView AutoScroll starts only if user move mouse a few pixels up relative to LButtomDown point for up scroll. (same logic for bottom scroll)
2MaintenanceFixed bug with single/multi day event interpreting for week and month views
3MaintenanceFully localized existing language translations
4MaintenanceOptimized memory data provider, generating recurrence events, Date/Time basic operations
5MaintenanceOptimized reminders processing
6MaintenanceOptimized GetEvent(id), GetRecurrencePattern(id) methods of data provider to use cache rather than reading from data source
7MaintenanceFixed small bug: remove all stored reminders info for occurrences when Reminder property is disabled for master event
8New FeatureBlack&White Printing checkbox, Header and Footer fields added to Calendar Page Setup dialog
9MaintenanceFixed bug in ShowDays method of DayView.(when showing only one day, sometimes ShowDays clear days and does not add any one)
10MaintenanceFixed bug with Weekly recurrence. First day of week changed from Sunday to Monday (as in MS Outlook)
11MaintenanceOffice 2007 theme. Fixed bug when sometimes text disappeared when editing subject for multiday events in Week and Month views
12New FeatureOffice 2007 theme. Headers background color customization added
13New FeatureAdded option to show additional minutes labels on DayView time scale. See also: TimeScaleShowMinutes property
14New FeatureCalendar Data Base (Access) data provider: Added check all tables on Open and create which do not exist
15MaintenanceFixed bug with printing Office 2007 Month View week days header
16New FeatureAdded option to use current resource language ID as base locale to retrieve date/time settings and names. See also: UseResourceFileLocale property
17New FeatureAdded possibility to avoid 255 chars limit for displaying event subject, location and body text.
18New FeatureCXTPCalendarUtils::SetUseResourceFileLocale, CXTPCalendarUtils::IsUseResourceFileLocale methods added
19MaintenanceFixed bug in RemindersManager - Unadvise from DataProvider notifications added on StopMonitoring
20New Feature'Edit Event', 'Edit Recurrence', 'Reminders', 'time Scale Properties' dialogs moved from Calendar sample to Toolkit library
21New FeatureCalendarPrintOptions.BlackWhitePrinting, CalendarPrintOptions.BlackWhiteContrast properties added
22Maintenance_XTP_EXT_CLASS added to all theme parts declarations. Some other useful changes made for themes customization by inherit and override
23MaintenanceSmall change to avoid warning C4786
24New FeatureCXTPCalendarOptions::bDayView_TimeScaleShowMinutes property added
25New FeatureAdded properties: CXTPCalendarThemeOffice2007::CTOHeader::m_clrBaseColor, CXTPCalendarThemeOffice2007::CTOHeader::m_clrTodayBaseColor
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded auto enable all threads option (AutoApplyNewThreads property), now HtmlHelp window created in another thread will be skinned also
2New FeatureVista skin added
3MaintenanceA lot of small fixes
4New FeatureTCS_BUTTONS style support added for TabControl
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded CXTPRibbonBar::AllowMinimize, CXTPRibbonBar::SetMinimized methods
2New FeatureAdded CXTPRibbonBar::SetTabsVisible/IsTabsVisible methods
3MaintenanceChanged appearance to match last Office 2007 beta 2 TR
4New FeatureAdded Minimize feature from Office 2007 beta 2 TR
5New FeatureAdded support large fonts (RibbonBar::FontHeight property) and non standard DPI modes
6New FeatureAdded Vista glass effect support
7New FeatureAdded Silver theme
Syntax Edit
# Type Description
1New FeatureFirst release of SyntaxEdit
Version 10.3.1 September 13, 2006
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureToolTipContext.ShowOfficeBorder property added
2New FeatureToolTipContext.ShowShadow property added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem regarding animation added in 10.3
2MaintenanceFixed problem in CommandBars Designer when selecting Ribbon and Office 2007 themes
3New FeatureCXTPToolTipContext::ShowImage method added
4ImportantAdded support of assigning Id for popup controls using menu resources - specify Id in caption after "\t" - "Caption\tId". See Scribble sample
5Sample updateModified scribble sample to show how actions can be used. Now changing language don't reset layout and user customization
6New FeaturextpFlagWrapRow flag added, added support of MFT_MENUBREAK menu style
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed problem regarding dual monitors
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDraw Control in gray tones if control window is disabled
2MaintenanceAdded sending NM_DBLCLK notification when no row or record available
3New FeatureCXTPReportRecords::SetCaseSensitive method added
4MaintenanceFixed bug in CXTPReportRecords::DoPropExchange (update records indexes when loading)
# Type Description
1MaintenancePrintPageSetup dialog automatically use time format (AM/PM or 24 hour) from the user locale settings
2New FeatureTheme Office 2007: Week view updated, customization added
3New FeatureTheme Office 2007: added DoPropExchange to save/load theme settings
4MaintenanceDraw Calendar and DatePicker controls in gray tones if control window is disabled
5New FeatureAdded Themes support to DatePicker. Office 2007 Theme added
6MaintenanceFixed bug when close MAPI data provider (session Logoff and additional Release added)
7Sample updateSQLServerDataProvider Calendar MFC sample added
8New FeatureDynamic customization added to Office 2007 theme via XTP_NC_CALENDAR_BEFORE_DRAW_THEMEOBJECT notification
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureUpdated Office 2007 color to match Office 2007 Beta 2
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureStandard toolbars skin support added.
2MaintenanceFixed drawing window frames with WS_SIZEBOX, but without WS_CAPTION style.
3New FeatureAdded CXTPSkinObjectClassMap to help map window classes to skinframework objects
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed conflict of Skinframework and Ribbon Frame that was added in 10.3
2Sample updateRibbon MDI Sample added
3New FeatureFor split buttons added ability to enable only command part or only dropdown part SetEnable(TRUE_SPLITDROPDOWN)
4New FeatureAdded ability to link all Ribbon styles to exe file. Sample updated. See RibbonSample\res\RibbonSample.rc2
Version 10.3 July 28, 2006
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded support of win64 platform for Deployment Wizard
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded png images support.
2New FeatureImproved Accessibility, added support of Rational Functional Tester tool
3New FeatureAdded XTPBarPosition::xtpBarComboBoxGalleryPopup
4New FeatureAdded XTPBarType::xtpBarTypeRibbon
5New FeatureAdded XTPControlType::xtpControlGallery
6New FeatureAdded CXTPControlGallery class
7New FeatureAdded CXTPScrollBar class
8Sample updateAdded GallerySample to demonstrate galleries
9New FeatureAdded CXTPCommandBar::EnableAnimation method to enable animation for any toolbar
10New FeatureAdded Actions. Methods CXTPCommandBars::EnableActions/CXTPCommandBars::GetActions(). See new ActionsSample
11MaintenanceIf registry key not specified SaveCommandBars/LoadCommandBars serialize state to ini file.
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpPaneThemeOffice2007 added
2New FeatureDockingPanes now can be hosted in any CWnd window. Added DialogPanes sample to show how to add panes to dialog.
3New FeatureAdded CXTPDockingPaneManager::SetClientMargin method to add margins around panes
4New FeatureAdded CXTPDockingPaneManager::SetFloatingFramesOpacity/SetStickyFloatingFrames methods
5MaintenanceIf registry key not specified Save/Load serialize state to ini file.
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenancePrevent OnSize reenter and stack overflow in Win95/98/ME
# Type Description
1MaintenancePerformance bug fixed in the date picker attached to calendar
2New FeatureCustom icons functionality added to Theme 2007
3New FeatureTheme Office 2007: Subject editing updated to Office 2007 style
4New FeatureTheme Office 2007: Draw day view events aligned by its times (not by cells), draw zero length and short length events in new style
5New FeatureTheme Office 2007: Tentative pattern updated to be drawn using event border color
6MaintenanceMAPI Data provider: reminders Outlook processing updated
7MaintenanceMAPI Data provider: removed notifications duplication Event Added/Changed/Deleted
8MaintenanceMAPI Data provider: recurrence events Outlook processing updated
9New FeatureAdded notification XTP_NC_CALENDAR_GETITEMTEXT to customize calendar events, headers and tooltip texts. GetAskItemTextFlags, SetAskItemTextFlags methods added to CXTPCalendarControlPaintManager and CXTPCalendarTheme
Task Panel
# Type Description
1New FeatureImproved Accessibility, added support of Rational Functional Tester tool
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceBecause of SkinFramework MDI Cascade/MDI Tile functions not worked
2New FeatureAdded png images support.
3New FeatureAqua color schema added to Office2007.cjstyles (Normalblue.ini/Normalaqua.ini)
4New FeatureAdded CXTPSkinManager::EnableCurrentThread method. Call it for each thread if you use multithreaded application
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Ribbon Galleries
2MaintenanceImproved performance of ribbon
3MaintenanceCleaned up appearance for Vista beta 2
4New FeatureAdded Ribbon Animation
5New FeatureAdded Ribbon black and aqua themes
6New FeatureAdded Groups scrolling
7New FeatureAdded RightToLeft layout support for Ribbon and Frame
8New FeatureAdded ShowQuickAccess/AllowQuickAccessDuplicates methods
9New FeatureAdded RemoveTab/RemoveAllTabs methods
Version 10.2 June 2, 2006
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1Sample updateStylerBrowser sample added.
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpControlCheckBox added
2New FeatureAdded xtpThemeOffice2007 and xtpThemeRibbon with new Office look
3New FeatureAdded Support xtpButtonIconAndCaption styles for ComboBox and Edit controls
4New FeatureTabPaintManager::RotateImageOnVerticalDraw option added
5MaintenanceSize cursor now visible when mouse under toolbar's gripper
6New FeatureCXTPPaintManager::m_bFlatMenuBar/m_bFlatToolBar options added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPTabPaintManager::m_bRotateImageOnVerticalDraw option added
2New FeaturextpPangActionDragging action added
3New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::m_bShowSizeCursorWhileDragging option added
4New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SetCaptionButtonStyle method added
# Type Description
1MaintenanceTimer leak fixed for redraw and populate requests when more than one event changed
2Maintenanceclass CXTPCalendarWMHandler made as exported
3MaintenanceFixed bug in drawing current time mark on the time scale for Windows XP theme
4New FeatureAdded options for draw and print current time mark on the time scale
5MaintenanceFixed performance bug in calendar multi-resources
6New FeatureOption to update date picker days bold status on idle added
7MaintenanceCopy/paste enhanced to keep schedule ID's
8MaintenanceOffice 2007 style added for 7 day week view
9MaintenanceFixed bug in CXTPCalendarMemoryDataProvider::RetrieveEvents
10New FeatureXTP_NC_DATEPICKERMONTHCHANGED notification added
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpShortcutThemeOffice2007 added
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed minor issues with Windows 98
2MaintenanceChanged Office2007 theme to match last Office
3MaintenanceAdded skin support for Buttons with BS_ICON and BS_BITMAP; BS_3STATE and BS_AUTO3STATE styles
4MaintenanceSome enhances in Skinning routines
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureChanged Theme with new Office look
2New FeatureContext tabs support added
3New FeatureControlsGrouping option added
4New FeatureQuick access support added with Customize page
5New FeatureCXTPRibbonGroup::SetVisible method added
Version 10.1.1 April 14, 2006
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed "Tab" problem for PropertyGrid inside PropertyPage
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMultiSchedules, DayView: Change selection between schedules by keyboard left/right keys
2Sample updateRemindersManager enabled by default in Calendar samples
3New FeatureXTP_NC_CALENDAR_PREPOPULATE notification added
4Sample updateCalendar C++ sample bug fixed: MultiSchedulesSample(Simple), if cannot open data provider file - create it
5Sample updateCalendar C++ sample bug fixed: MultiSchedules, initialize schedule id for new event from the current selection
6MaintenanceCalendarController: Save WorkWeek mode if single day selected in the attached DatePicker
7New FeatureCXTPCalendarResourcesManager - RemoveAll() method added
8MaintenanceCalendarController: Save WorkWeek mode if single day selected in the attached DatePicker
9MaintenanceCalendarController, fixed bug: Clear existing configuration when Load a new one.
10Interface changedMost of methods for CXTPCalendarControl and CXTPDatePickerControl made as virtual
11Interface changedCXTPCalendarRemindersManager::OnTimer declaration: UINT changed to UINT_PTR
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMessageBoxes closed automatically if Skinframework classes used but Skin not applied
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed double tooltip bug
Version 10.1 April 5, 2006
Command Bars
# Type Description
1Sample updateHelpContext sample updated to show HtmlHelp for vc 2002/2003/2005 and WinHelp for 6.0/5.0, added CXTPControl::SetHelpId/GetHelpId
2MaintenanceEnhanced Customize dialog to show themed check boxes in Toolbar list
3New FeatureXTPImageState::xtpImagePressed flag added
4New FeaturextpFlagSmartLayout and xtpButtonIconAndCaptionBelow enums added
5New FeatureCXTPTabToolBar class added. TabbedToolbar sample added
6New FeatureSmartLayout sample added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SetShowContentsWhileDragging method added
2New FeaturextpPaneNoDockable option added
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureEnableDragDrop method added
2New FeatureReportNavigator helper class added
3New FeatureAdded align for Report Item icons and text separately
4New FeatureAdded automatic header scrolling when dragging a column to reposition it
5New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORTPREVIEWKEYDOWN notification added
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded printing support
2New FeatureAdded Reminders Manager functionality
3New FeatureAdded multiple recources and multi schedules support
4New FeatureAdded MAPI data provider (To load\save events from Outlook)
5New FeatureAdded notifications-based Custom data provider
Skin Framework
# Type Description
1New FeatureFirst release of SkinFramework
Ribbon Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureFirst release of Ribbon Bar
Version 9.81 December 1, 2005
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPControlComboBox::ModifyListBoxStyle method added
2New FeatureCXTPShortcutManager::SetKeyNameText, CXTPShortcutManager::UseSystemKeyNameText methods added
3New FeatureCXTPCommandBars::SetLayoutRTL, CXTPTabClientWnd::SetLayoutRTL methods added
4MaintenanceFixed problem of Linker Tools Error LNK1000 appeared periodically in 9.80
5MaintenanceFix of 9.80 with handling numeric and functional accel keys
6MaintenanceAll dialogs now used Ms Shell Dlg font, updated all resources, some aesthetic changes in layouts of controls in dialogs
7MaintenanceAdded "Expand" tooltip for intellegent menus
8MaintenanceEnhanced Office 2003 Theme colors (disabled icons color, gradient menu gripper, gradient background of floating toolbars)
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItem::OnCancelEdit, CXTPPropertyGridItem::OnAfterEdit, CXTPPropertyGridItem::OnRequestEdit virtual methods added
2New FeatureCXTPPropertyGrid::SetLayoutRTL method added
3New FeatureCXTPPropertyGrid::SetTopIndex, CXTPPropertyGridItem::GetIndex methods added
4MaintenanceAdded missing CXTPPropertyGridItem::SetEditStyle
5New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItemBool::SetCheckBoxStyle property added
6New FeatureAllowNullDate method added for Date Item
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceChanged Visual Studio 2005 theme to looks like final release
2New FeatureAdded DockingPane::SetItemColor method
3New FeatureAdded DockingPane::SetHelpID method
4New FeatureAdded CXTPDockingPanePaintManager::m_clrSplitterGradient property
5New FeatureAdded xtpPaneSplitterGradient flag to XTPDockingPaneSplitterStyle enumeration
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded CXTPReportControl:::ShowFooter, CXTPReportColumn::SetFooterText, CXTPReportColumn::SetFooterAlignment, CXTPReportColumn::SetHeaderAlignment methods
2New FeatureSerialization for Records and RecordsItems (DoPropExchange) added
3New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_COLUMNWIDTHCHANGED notification added
4MaintenanceFixed bug when inplace editing changes are applied
5MaintenanceFixed problem of printing icons on some printers
6New FeatureAdded copy/paste support for all data. Reorganized visible text copy/paste support. Added notifications for copy/paste customization.
7New FeatureFreeze columns functionality added
8New FeatureAdded serialization of header settings together with other report settings
9MaintenanceUpdate header indent when auto grouping by sort order
10New FeatureAdded possibility to draw custom icon in the group row
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdditional parameters for customizing drag and drop operations added
2New FeatureNavigation and selecting by keyboard added to DatePicker control
3MaintenanceDB data provider - restore occurrence (remove recurrence event exception) bug fixed
4MaintenanceDayHeader areas recognision for HitTest() in Day and Week views
Task Panel
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded support of IAccessible interface to enable "Magnifier" and "Narrator" tools
2New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::SetMultiColumn, CXTPTaskPanel::IsMultiColumn, CXTPTaskPanel::SetColumnWidth, CXTPTaskPanel::GetColumnWidth methods added
3New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::FindItem method added
4New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::SetLayoutRTL Property added
5New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::m_bInUpdateScrollBar Property added
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded UINT XTP_SBN_SELECTION_CHANGED notification event
Version 9.80 September 26, 2005
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1Sample updateAdded ResourceEditor sample
2New FeatureCXTPTabPaintManger::m_bSelectOnDragOver variable added
3New FeatureAdded alpha icons support for CXTMenuListBox control
4New FeaturextpTabLayoutRotated enumerator added
Suite Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceEnhances in Office tooltips style, xtpToolTipLuna tooltip style added
2MaintenanceFixed ampersand problem in tooltips
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureWM_XTP_CONTROLRBUTTONUP notification added
2New FeatureWM_XTP_COMMANDBARKEYDOWN notification added
3Interface changedChanged interface: CXTPCommandBar::OnKeyDown(UINT) to CXTPCommandBar::OnHookKeyDown(UINT, LPARAM)
4New FeatureCXTPControlComboBox::EnableAutoComplete and CXTPControlComboBox::EnableShellAutoComplete methods added
5Interface changedCXTPControlComboBox::GetText renamed to CXTPControlComboBox::GetListBoxText
6New FeatureCXTPPopupBar::SetDoubleGripper method added
7New FeatureSetEditHint/GetEditHint method added for CXTPControlEdit and CXTPControlComboBox classes
8New FeatureCXTPControlComboBox::SetEditIconId/GetEditIconId methods added
9New FeatureAdded virtual CWorkspace* CXTPTabClientWnd::CreateWorkspace() for custom CWorkspace class
10New FeatureAdded standard Combo Box notifications (CBN_DROPDOWN, CBN_CLOSEUP, CBN_SETFOCUS, CBN_KILLFOCUS...) for CXTPControlComboBox
11New FeatureReworked CXTPStatusBar. added new CXTPStatusBarPane class with methods like SetVisible, SetTextColor, SetBackgroundColor, SetIconIndex, SetTextAlignment, SetTooltip....
12Interface changedBecause of bad design of CStatusBar class, CXTPStatusBar now derived from CControlBar
13Interface changedReworked CXTPDialog to allow Docking and Customization, Removed CXTPDialog::SetMenuBar because of it
14Interface changedReworked CXTPShortcutManager to allow shortcuts customization in Dialogs. XTPShortcutManager glabal function removed, use pCommanBars->GetShortcutManager() instead.
15Interface changedCXTPCommandBars::LoadCommandBars and CXTPCommandBars::SaveCommandBars now save/restore shortcuts too. Call pCommanBars->GetShortcutManager()->SetAccelerators(IDR_MAINFRAME) to enable it/
16Sample updateUpdated Dialog Sample to show Customization and Docking in dialog
17New FeatureAdded CXTPToolBar::ShowExpandButton method to allow show/hide expand button for Menu/ToolBars
18Interface changedSwitched xtpThemeOffice2000 and xtpThemeOfficeXP enums, can lead to incorrect themes for your applications, please check it
19New FeatureEnhances in arrow key navigation for floating and popuped toolbars
20MaintenanceAdded visual state of Checked but Disabled button
21New FeatureTPM_RECURSE flag support added
22MaintenanceAdded Tooltips for Edit part of ControlCombo and ControlEdit
23MaintenanceFixed bug of 9.70 not processing extended Alt key
24MaintenanceA lot of enhances of ComboBox control behavior
25MaintenanceExpand to top animation added
26New FeatureAdded enhanced support for automated testing utilities used IAccessible interface.
27New FeatureAdded Workspace enumerators: xtpWorkspaceNewTabRightMost, xtpWorkspaceNewTabLeftMost, xtpWorkspaceNewTabNextToActive
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureProperty Grid grabbed Enter and Escape key of Modal dialogs
2New FeatureCXTPPropertyGrid::SetInplaceEdit, CXTPPropertyGrid::SetInplaceList methods added
3Interface changedSome methods of CXTPPropertyGridItemXXX classes made as virtual
4MaintenanceDouble property grid item now use system decimal symbol
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SetDockingContextStickerStyle method added; xtpPaneStickerStyleWhidbey and xtpPaneStickerStyleVisualStudio2005 enumerators added
2New FeatureCXTPDockingPanePaintManager::SetSplitterStyle method added
3New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SetCaptionDirection method added
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureReportItem and Column tooltips added
2New FeatureExplorer and Office 2003 column styles added
3New FeatureAdded ability to edit Preview part of Record
4Sample updateAdded date picker popup for date items editing in TaskList View. (MFC, VB samples)
5Interface changedCXTPReportView::SetReportCtrl method added, m_wndReport now removed, please use CXTPReportView::GetReportCtrl() instead
6New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_LBUTTONDOWN notification added
7Interface changedChanged enumerators names: xtpGrid* to xtpReportGrid*; xtpColumn* to xtpReportColumn*
8New FeatureXTP_NM_REPORT_GETITEMMETRICS notification added. Added GetItemMetrics call before Group Row drawing
9New FeatureAdded CXTPReportPaintManager::m_bGroupRowTextBold member
10New FeaturextpReportTreeStructureDots enumerator added for tree structure
11New FeatureCXTReportRecordItemEditOptions::m_bSelectTextOnEdit variable added
12New FeatureDT_WORDBREAK column alignment type support added. Call CXTPReportPaintManager::SetFixedRowHeight(FALSE); to enable it
13New FeatureAdded copy/paste/cut handlers
# Type Description
1New FeatureEncoding parameter support added for XML provider
2MaintenanceEnhancements in RTL mode
3MaintenanceAdded XTP_NC_CALENDAR_BEFORE_EVENT_EDIT_OPERATION notification for each event dragging step
4MaintenanceFixed WeekView left-right keyboard scrolling
5New FeatureTo avoid screen blinking added redrawing lock until finished processing all notification handlers
6New FeatureAdded SetFirstWeekOfYearDays / GetFirstWeekOfYearDays for date picker control
7New FeatureAdded methods GetVisibleRange(), EnsureVisibleSelection() to DatePicker control
8MaintenanceDatePicker scrolling to visible days when syncronized with Calendar
9MaintenanceDataBase data provider save date fields correctly for non-US locales
10Interface changedMetods to work with Tooltips moved to public scope. Separate HideTooltip() method added
11MaintenanceTimer leak on tooltip showing
12New FeatureAdded methods EnableTooltips(), IsTooltipsEnabled()
13New FeatureAdded XTP_NC_DATEPICKERBEFOREGOMODAL notification to DatePicker control
14New FeatureCXTPDatePickerControl::GoModal() returns FALSE when ESC key pressed
15New FeatureCalendar controller adjusted to work with modal DatePicker control
16MaintenanceDataBase data provider processing NULL values
17MaintenancePrevent multiple raising XTP_NC_CALENDARVIEWWASCHANGED notification
18New FeaturePossibility to disable vertical and horizontal scrolling added to calendar view
19New FeatureOption UseOutlookFontGlyphs added to calendar options
20Sample updateFixed incorrect recurrence type radio buttons initializion in Edit Recurrence dialog
21MaintenanceFixed paste event bug in day view
22MaintenanceFixed delete selected events bug
23MaintenanceUpdate text colors on the fly in the Month View
Task Panel
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPTaskPanelItem::SetVisible/IsVisible methods added
2New FeatureAdded AutoHeight parameter for SetSize method in TaskPanelGroupItem to allow Stretch Controls to fill whole group.
3New FeatureGroup Icons support added for all theme
Shortcut Bar
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPShortcutBar::ShowExpandButton method added
2New FeatureCXTPShortcutBar::AllowFreeResize method added
3New FeatureCXTPShortcutBar::ShowActiveItemOnTop method added
Version 9.70 June 25, 2005
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureTranslated XML resources support added
2New FeatureCXTPTaskPanelGroupItem::SetDragText method added
3Sample updateAdded demonstration of Icon in Caption of TaskPanel for TaskPanel sample
4New FeatureCXTPPropExchangeXMLNode::SetEncoding added to use non english characters
5New FeatureCXTPToolTipContext class added. See new ToolTipContext sample
6New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::GetToolTipContext() method added, added support multiline tooltips
7New FeatureAdded virtual BOOL CXTShellListBase::IsItemFiltered to allow filter items in shell list
Suite Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded key navigation support for TabControl
2New FeatureMultiline TabControl support added (xtpTabLayoutMultiRow), TabPaintManager::MultiRowFixedSelection, TabPaintManager::MultiRowJustified properties added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureWM_XTP_AFTERCREATECONTROL notification added
2New FeaturextpWorkspaceShowActiveFiles enumerator added
3MaintenanceFixed bug of 9.70 rc1 not loading DesignerControls in Controls pane
4New Featureadded Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab support to navigate visible ToolBars
5New FeaturextpFlagStretchedShared added
6New FeatureCXTPCommandBarsOptions::ShowKeyboardCues, CXTPCommandBarsOptions::keyboardCuesUse options added
7New FeatureCXTPCommandBars::GetToolTipContext() method added
8New FeatureCXTPTabClientWnd::UseSplitterTracker method added
9Sample updateUpdated GUI_Whidbey sample to show how to load/save Full Screen layout in XML section
10New FeatureWM_XTP_TOOLBARVISIBLECHANGED notification added
11Sample updatenew TooltipContext sample added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItem::IsHidden/CXTPPropertyGridItem::SetHidden, CXTPPropertyGridItem::EnsureVisible methods added
2New FeatureCXTPPropertyGrid::SetVariableItemsHeight; CXTPPrpertyGridItem::SetHeight, CXTPPrpertyGridItem::SetMultiLinesCount methods added
3New FeatureAdded ImageManager support for Property Grid items and constraints
4New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItemMetrics class added; CXTPPropertyGridItem::GetValueMetrics, CXTPPropertyGridItem::GetCaptionMetrics methods added
5New FeatureCXTPPropertyGrid::HighlightChangedItems, CXTPPropertyGridItem::IsValueChanged, , CXTPPropertyGridItem::SetDefaultValue methods added
6MaintenanceFixed Problem with expand list location with dual monitor
7MaintenanceCtrl+X not worked for Cut operation.
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeaturextpPaneThemeVisualStudio2005 theme added
2New FeatureShowCaptionMaximizeButton option added
3New FeatureEnhancement in docking context if xtpPaneNoFloatable option ennabeld
4New FeaturextpPaneHasMenuButton option added
5New FeatureDockingPaintManager::SplitterSize property added
6New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SyncActiveFloatingFrames method added
7New FeaturextpPaneActionActivated, xtpPaneActionDeactivated enums added; GetActivePane() method added
8New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::GetToolTipContext() method added
9New Featurenew xtpPaneActionDetaching action added
10MaintenanceOptimized redrawing. If clicked on tab, only parent container redrawed not all panes
11MaintenanceFlickers of themed floating frames reduced. Added tooltips for Floating frames
Report Control
# Type Description
1New Feature CXTPReportPaintManager::m_bUseColumnTextAlignment property added to draw caption text accordingly to its alignment
2MaintenanceNM_KEYDOWN didn't send if there no rows in report
3New Featureadded NM_CHAR notification
# Type Description
1New FeatureInitial first beta release of Calendar
Version 9.60.1 March 3, 2005
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureXTPTaskPanelItemAllowDrag enumerator added for TaskPanel drag operations
2New FeatureCXTPPropExchangeEnumerator added to enumerate child sections for XML node
3New FeatureCXTPTaskPanel::SetSingleSelection added to allow only one item to be selected in Task Panel; XTP_TPN_FOCUSEDITEMCHANGED notification added
4MaintenanceFixed bug in CXTPStatusBarIconPane::SetPaneIcon that did not destroy the icon if it already existed. Added DestroyIcon to CXTPStatusBarIconPane::SetPaneIcon to fix memory leak
6Sample updateFixed a few bugs in the Grep sample that would allow a blank popup to be displayed that would not go away, and a bug that caused text in the list to overlap
7Sample updateFixed a bug in the Multi-Language Scribble sample that would cause an assertion error when Arabic was selected as the language and a menu item was selected
8Sample updateFixed a bug that cause the Toolbox sample not to compile
9MaintenanceFixed bug in TaskPanel::EnsureVisible that would cause incorrect scrolling
10New FeatureAdded CXTMenuListBox::EnableMenuItem to provide the ability to enable or disable menu items in the CXTMenuListBox control
11MaintenanceEliminated the prompting to save dialog when the CXTWindowList::OnBtnSave button was pressed in the CXTPWindowList control
12MaintenanceFixed problem with call stack when using CXTShadowWnd
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug in DesignerStudio when the "Add Control" button was clicked the application would crash
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceImproved drawing themed expand and combo buttons, Whidbey theme now use themed buttons. Little improvments in all themes
2MaintenanceFixed bug where the grid was not updated after the description was set of a selected item
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug in Dynamic Pane sample that cause an unhandled exception when the pane caption was right-clicked
2New FeatureReworked NativeWinXP theme. Added themed close and pin buttons, Added xtpPaneThemeShortcutBar2003 and xtpPaneThemeExplorer themes
3MaintenanceFixed bug that displayed a splitter mouse cursor when a pane could not be resized
4MaintenanceTracking MinMax now works with AutoHide windows
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPReportControl::DoPropExchange added
2New FeatureCXTPReportSelectedRows::IsChanged/SetChanged added
3New FeatureDT_NOPREFIX added for each DrawText call
4MaintenanceFixed m_clrIndentControl color in non luna theme
5MaintenanceFixed bug where text containing an ampersand would be displayed differently than the tooltip
Version 9.60 February 15, 2005
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1Interface changedMuch of the source code has been cleaned up and reformatted with this release. This includes formatting changes made to common naming conventions for enumerations, structures and global functions. As a result many commonly used identifiers are now depreciated. To provide support for depreciated naming conventions you can add the following line of code to your stdafx.h file #define _XTP_INCLUDE_DEPRECIATED just before the line #include "ToolkitPro.h". See XTPDepreciated.h for a complete list of identifiers that have been affected
2New FeatureAdded Themes support for standard controls. Added CXTMenuListBox, CXTTabCtrlTheme, CXTFlatControlsTheme, CXTCaptionTheme, CXTFlatTabCtrlTheme
3New FeatureAdded constans for TrayIcon to support BaloonTip without latest PlatformSDK
4MaintenanceCXTSplitterWnd::SetActivePane was declared as protected. Moved to public section
5Maintenancefixed errors and warnings for Intel(r) C++ compiler
6MaintenanceFixed All button themes to support GetChecked/SetChecked. Sample updated
7MaintenanceFixed bug in XTTreeCtrl when both TVS_TRACKSELECT and TVS_CHECKBOXES used
8New FeatureCXTPTabPaintManager::m_bDrawTextPathEllipsis variable added
9New FeatureChanges to support IA64
10New FeatureCXTPImageManager::RemoveIcon added, CXTPImageManager::SetIcon(UINT) added
11New FeatureAdded Checked Icon in ImageManager collection. (xtpImageChecked)
12New FeatureAdded CXTPPropExchange supported by TaskPanel, CommanBars, DockingPane. Updated ToolboxSample
13Sample updateAdded Office2003 theme for GUI_Outlook sample
14New FeatureAdded new xtpTaskPanelThemeShortcutBarOffice2003
15Sample updateGrep sample added
Suite Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureCommandBarsDesigner: Added Import from/Export to XML; Import/Export to bitmap added
2New Featureadded XML Layout tab for CommandBarsDesigner
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPDialogBar added. see CustomThemes sample
2New FeatureAdded WM_PRINT message handler to support AnimateWindow routines
3New FeatureAdded CXTPCommandBars::RemoveAll method; CXTPCommandBars::SetToolBarClass, CXTPCommandBars::SetMenuBarClass, CXTPCommandBars::SetPopupBarClass static members
4New FeatureAdded CXTPPopupBar* CXTPCustomizeSheet::GetContextMenu(); added CXTPImageManager* CXTPCustomizeSheet::GetCustomIcons();
5New FeatureCXTPStatusBars merged with CXTStatusBar
6New FeatureAll serialize methods removed to DoPropExchange to allow serialize to registry/archive/XML
7New FeatureAdded support of IAccessible interface to enable "Magnifier" and "Narrator" tools
8New FeatureEnhances in NativeWinXP theme
9New FeatureWhidbey theme moved to source code (xtpThemeWhidbey)
10New FeatureAdded ability to resize ComboBox and Edit controls by user in Customize mode
11New FeaturextpFlagControlStretched added
12New FeatureReadOnly property added for Edit control
13MaintenanceBug in ComboBox where if any string with an ampersand is added to the dropdown list the ampersand would be replaced with an underscore
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New Feature virtual CXTPProperyGrid::CreateView added to support custom View class
2New Feature added virtual CXTPPropertyGrid::OnBeforeInsert method
3New Featureadded CXTPPropertyGridItemConstraint class, added new CXTPPropertyGridItemEnum and CXTPPropertyGridItemFlags classes (see sample)
4New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItemCategory added
5MaintenanceFixed problem with Date item with "%m/%d/%Y" format instead of "%d/%m/%Y"
6New FeatureInsertChildItem and InsertCategory methods added
7MaintenanceAdded DT_NOPREFIX for each DrawText call
8New FeaturextpGridThemeWhidbey added
9MaintenanceVerbs collection added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneLayout::Serialize method added
2New FeatureAdded CXTPDockingPaneManager::m_bCloseGroupOnButtonClick = FALSE; CXTPDockingPaneManager::m_bHideGroupOnButtonClick = TRUE;
3New Feature Whidbey theme moved to source code. xtpPaneThemeWhidbey(ThemeWhidbey fo ActiveX)
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFix to allow more than 32000 records
2MaintenanceFixed scrollbar issue
3New FeatureShowHeader property added
4New FeatureAdded Virtual List support. Added VirtualList sample
5Sample updateadded Multiline sample for ReportControl
Version 9.51 October 12, 2004
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRenamed CXTOutlookBar to CXTMenuListBox to eliminate confusion with CXTOutBarCtrl class
2MaintenanceRemoved export declaration for template class that caused reported linking errors for shell list
3MaintenanceFixed the bug in CXTColorDialog that caused an invalidate problem
4MaintenanceConstructor in CXTThemeManager moved to a public section to allow the ThemeManager to be created
Version 9.50 October 04, 2004
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with tree not displaying highlighted or selected items when TVS_TRACKSELECT or TVIS_DROPHILITED styles were specified
2MaintenanceFixed size cursor display problem in CXTResize with size icon for Windows 2000
3MaintenanceFixed header display with Window XP themes not displaying correctly on mouse over after column sort
4MaintenanceFixed some display issues and added ModifyExtendStyle method to the list control
5MaintenanceFixed display bug with icon when the caption is sized in CXTCaption
6MaintenanceFixed _xtGetHeaderControl in CXTListCtrl
7MaintenanceFixed bitmap and sort arrow display when the column is sized too small for header themes
8MaintenanceFixed bug which prevents the check box from being selected in the tip window
9MaintenanceFixed bug which prevents check box from being selected in the tip window
10MaintenanceFixed GetItemSize from ASSERT when there are 0 folders or 0 items. Now returns 0 size for Outlook bar controls
11MaintenanceAdded fix that ensures the tip is always visible on the screen and does not extend past the limits of the desktop in CXTTipWindow
12MaintenanceMinor fix, when the tree control does not have focus it should not draw selected item focus
13MaintenanceFixed bug with multiselect treecontrol + TVS_CHECKBOXES for CXTTreeView
14MaintenanceVisual Studio 2005 compatible fixes
15MaintenanceCorrected flicker problems with timer and mouse movement in the Outlook Bar
16New FeatureCXTPDrawHelpers::GetDefaultFontName() added
17New FeatureTaskPanel: ImageManager support added
18New FeatureCXTPReBar added, Updated GUI_Explorer sample
19New FeatureAdded Office2003 theme supoprt for CXTOutBarCtrl. See sample
20New FeatureAdded header control theme support
21Sample updateUpdated sample for new header control features
22New FeatureAdded set methods for back, text and individal row colors for list control
23New FeatureAdded thawAllColumns method for flat headers
24New FeatureAdded SetBitmap(int iCol, UINT uBitmapID, DWORD dwRemove/*=NULL/) for backward compatibility in flat headers
25New FeatureToolbox sample added
26New FeatureTaskPanel: new Themes added, Layout enum added, behavior enum added
27New FeatureAdded SetRowColors to ListCtrl for backward compatibillity
28New FeatureTaskPanel: Drag and Drop added, Rename edit box support added
29New FeatureCXTPImageManager::ResampleAlphaLayer method added
30New FeatureTaskPanel: Scroll buttons for Toolbox added. EnsureVisible method added
31New FeatureCXTPImageManager::ResampleAlphaLayer method added
32New FeatureAdded WS_CLIPCHILDREN and WS_CLIPSIBLINGS style to form view dialogs
33New FeatureAdded mutex to CXTPManageState for thread safe singleton instantiation
34MaintenanceUpdated header theme for use with theme manager for flat headers
35New FeatureCXTPResourceManager, CXTPResourceManagerText and CXTPResourceManagerXML added
36New FeatureAdded some additional error checks for GetClientRect and GetWindowRect for CXTPDrawHelpers
37New FeatureAdded SetActivePane to CXTSplitterWnd to eliminate redundant TRACE statement
38New FeatureAdded CXTTreeBase and CXTListBase, CXTShellListBase and CXTShellTreeBase classes
39New FeatureCXTPResourceManager added
40Sample updateUpdated samples to demonstrate header themes
Suite Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureNew ToolBox sample added
2New FeatureShortcutBar::Icons, TaskPanel::Icons properties added
3New FeatureTaskPanel: Drag and Drop added, Rename edit box support added
4New FeatureTaskPanel: HotTracking added
5New FeatureTaskPanel: SelectItemOnFocus added
6New FeatureTaskPanel: new Themes added, Layout enum added, behavior enum added
7MaintenanceFixed bug with tooltips in popup toolbar
8MaintenanceFixed a bug in CXTPToolbar that caused the frame to be activated when miniframe was focused
9MaintenanceFixed a bug with CustomizeContextMenu for popup bar
10New FeatureWinXP themed Edit added
11New FeatureReBar Sample added
12New FeatureWinXP themed Combo added
13New FeaturePopupControl::AllowMove method added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with tooltips in popup toolbar
2MaintenanceFixed a bug in CXTPToolbar that caused the frame to be activated when miniframe was focused
3MaintenanceFixed a bug with CustomizeContextMenu for popup bar
4New FeatureWinXP themed Edit added
5Sample updateReBar Sample added
6New FeatureWinXP themed Combo added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMinor fix in CXTPItemConstraints::Sort()
2New FeatureAdded support of custom colors for all themes
3MaintenanceCXTPItemConstraints renamed to CXTPPropertyGridItemConstraints
4MaintenanceMinor fix in CXTPItemConstraints::Sort()
5New FeatureAdded support of custom colors for all themes
6MaintenanceCXTPItemConstraints renamed to CXTPPropertyGridItemConstraints
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with DockingStickers and xtpPaneNoFloatable option in XTPDockingPaneContext
2New FeatureHidden panes now collapse when they are dragged over in CXTPDockingPaneAutoHidePanel
3New FeaturextpPaneActionCollapsing, xtpPaneActionCollapsed, xtpPaneActionExpanding, xtpPaneActionExpanded added for docking pane
4MaintenanceEnhances in Docking algorithms
5New FeatureAdded Min-Max tracking support
6MaintenanceFixed bug with DockingStickers and xtpPaneNoFloatable option in XTPDockingPaneContext
7New FeaturextpPaneActionCollapsing, xtpPaneActionCollapsed, xtpPaneActionExpanding, xtpPaneActionExpanded added for docking pane
8MaintenanceEnhances in Docking algorithms
9MaintenanceHidden panes now collapse when they are dragged over in CXTPDockingPaneAutoHidePanel
10MaintenanceUpdated samples to demonstrate header themes
11New FeatureAdded Min-Max tracking support
Report Control
# Type Description
1MaintenanceDT_NOPREFIX fix in CXTPReportPaintManager
2MaintenanceBug with ReportControl::EnsureVisible fixed
3Sample updateLoadState/SaveState sample added to the sample
4New FeatureAdded GetFirstSelectedRowPosition(), GetNextSelectedRow() to CXTPReportRows
5New FeatureInplace Edit added, Inplace button added, Inplace List added to report control. Sample updated to show this
6New FeatureAutoColumnSizing option added for report control
7New FeatureTreeStructure drawing added for report control
8New FeatureCXTPReportView added with Print support
9MaintenanceDT_NOPREFIX fix in CXTPReportPaintManager
10MaintenanceBug with ReportControl::EnsureVisible fixed
11New FeatureLoadState/SaveState sample added to the sample
12New FeatureAdded GetFirstSelectedRowPosition(), GetNextSelectedRow() to CXTPReportRows
13New FeatureInplace Edit added, Inplace button added, Inplace List added to report control. Sample updated to show this
14New FeatureAutoColumnSizing option added for report control
15New FeatureTreeStructure drawing added for report control
16MaintenanceSort Triangle made always visible now for CXTPReportPaintManager
17New FeatureCXTPReportView added with Print support
Version 9.10 July 29, 2004
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed some display problems with text containing ampersand and button flashing when displaying popup in CXTCaption
2MaintenanceFixed bug with RefreshLabel icon lookup always failing in CXTMDIWndTab, which would cause CPU process to increase due to Failed lookups
3MaintenanceFixed bug in CXTColorPopup that caused color popup to display off the edge of the screen to reposition to the viewable area
4MaintenanceFixed display bug with Windows XP gripper theme
5MaintenanceFixed bugs with tray icon using balloon tips and hide icon settings
6MaintenanceFixed display bug with high font DPI settings in the color dialog
7MaintenanceFixed bug that caused the color selector to add user colors when they already exist in the user list or standard selection
8New FeatureAdded COMPILE_MULTIMON_STUBS to CXTColorPopup
9New FeatureAdded Windows XP theme support for color dialogs
10New FeatureAdded an example for setting user defined colors to ColorPickerDlg
11MaintenanceMade global XTPGetWorkArea() functions public and exported
12New FeatureAdded SetUserColors and GetUserColors to the color selector control and made them static
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceCustomDraw combo updated for custom themes
2New FeatureCXTPCommandBars::SetCustomizationDataFileName added
3New FeatureAdded GetRegularBoldFont to CXTPPaintManager
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug with the scrollbar in inplace list
2MaintenanceFixed the problem that caused the password item to be visible as a tooltip
Version 9.00 July 18, 2004
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed various problems with the deployment wizard that would cause incorrect initialization
2New FeatureAdded bEnsureVisible argument to CXTOutBarCtrl::SetSelItem to ensure the item selected is visible
3MaintenanceFixed bug: CXTCaption does not draw ellipse drawtext style if there was no CPWS_EX_CLOSEBUTTON
4MaintenanceFixed some display issues with the size gripper and made size gripper Windows XP theme compatible
5MaintenanceFixed bug: CXTOutBarCtrl incorrectly displays scroll down arrow in empty folder
6MaintenanceFixed GetButton methods that would return incorrect button index in CXTEditListBox
7MaintenanceFixed issues with sorting in shell list control
8MaintenanceRewrote the directory monitoring thread to correctly monitor for file and folder updates
9MaintenanceFixed resource leak where pens were destroyed prior to the device context being restored to its previous state
10New FeatureAdded Visual Studio .NET 2002 hot fix setup files . This is required to provide IntelliSense support for our products on 2002
11New FeatureUpdated and translated all language files
12New FeatureComplete Right To Left (RTL) language support added
13New FeatureWhidbey GUI Sample added
14New FeatureOutlook 2003 style Report control added
15New FeatureMSN Messenger style Popup Control added
16New FeatureAdded CXTPManageState::ResetModuleInfo for loading the module state from the resource dlls
17New FeatureAdded code to CXTListCtrl that shades sorted columns similar to windows explorer
18New FeatureCXTPShortcutBarPane::SetIndent method added
19New FeatureXTPColorManager::SetLunaTheme added
20New FeatureCXTPShortcutBarPane::SetIndent method added
21New FeatureEnhancement in CXTPSplitterTracker class
22MaintenanceUpdated font creation in CXTHyperLink
Suite Pro
# Type Description
1New FeaturePopupControl added
2New FeatureIsWindowHooked now checks for a valid window handle
3MaintenanceFixed the code for "base" language resource
4MaintenanceFix in ShortcutBarText
5New FeatureCustomThemes: new Combo samples added
6New FeatureWM_XTP_INIMENU added
7New FeatureCXTPColorManager::SetLunaTheme added
8MaintenanceUpdated and added language files
9New FeatureNow translated into 32 languages including the following "new" language translations: Arabic, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
10MaintenanceFully localized existing language translations
11MaintenanceMade "Lookup(HWND hWnd)" public to work as "IsWindowHooked" method
12New FeatureTPM_RIGHTALIGN flag support added for Context menus
13MaintenanceChanges in Keyboard hooking routines
14New FeatureThemed Context menu added for CXTPControlComboBox and CXTPControlEdit
15New FeatureCXTPToolBar:IsCloseable/SetCloseable methods added
16New FeatureCXTPControl::Reset method added
17New FeatureCXTPCommandBar::SetButtonSize/GetButtonSize methods added
18New FeatureCXTPImageManager::DrawReverted method added
19New FeatureAltDragCustomization added
20New FeatureCloseSubMenuOnClick property added
21New FeatureCXTPDialog, CXTPDialogBase added
22New FeatureCXTPTabClientWnd:WM_XTP_NEWTABITEM notification added
23New FeaturextpControlLabel added
24New FeatureMultiLanguage sample added
25New FeatureScribleMultLang sample added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed the code for "base" language resource
2MaintenanceFix in ShortcutBarText in popup controls
3MaintenanceIsWindowHooked now checks for a valid window handle in CXTWndHook
4New FeatureCustomThemes: new Combo samples added
5New FeatureWM_XTP_INIMENU added to CXTPCommandBars
6New FeatureCXTPColorManager::SetLunaTheme added
7New FeatureUpdated and added language files
8MaintenanceNow translated into 32 languages including the following "new" language translations: Arabic, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
9MaintenanceFully localized existing language translations
10MaintenanceMade "Lookup(HWND hWnd)" public to work as "IsWindowHooked" method in CXTPHookManager
11New FeatureTPM_RIGHTALIGN flag support added for Context menus in CXTPPopupBar
12MaintenanceChanges in Keyboard hooking routines for hook manager
13New FeatureThemed Context menu added for CXTPControlComboBox and CXTPControlEdit
14New FeatureCXTPToolBar:IsCloseable/SetCloseable methods added
15New FeatureCXTPControl::Reset method added
16New FeatureCXTPCommandBar::SetButtonSize/GetButtonSize methods added
17New FeatureCXTPImageManager::DrawReverted method added
18New FeatureAltDragCustomization added for command bars
19New FeatureCXTPDialog, CXTPDialogBase added
20New FeatureCXTPTabClientWnd:WM_XTP_NEWTABITEM notification added
21New FeaturextpControlLabel added for command bars
22New FeatureMultiLanguage sample added
23New FeatureScribleMultLang sample added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixes in HelpHeight and SplitterPos
2New FeatureAdded language translations, including RC WinTrans database file
3MaintenanceCXTPItemConstraints::GetCurrent returned
4New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItem::SetitemData/CXTPPropertyGridItem::GetItemData added
5New FeatureCXTPPropertyGridItem::SetMaskedText added
6New FeatureVirtual CXTPPropertyGridItem::SetVisible added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFix in AttachView
2New FeatureUpdated and added language files. They are now managed using RC WinTrans database
3New FeatureAdded an alternative way of licensing
4New FeatureCompleted localization for docking panes
5New FeatureThemed Floating Frames added
6New FeatureAdded new sample for to demonstrate using command routing with docking panes
7New FeatureRouting with docking panes
8New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SetAlphaDockingContext added
9New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::SetShowDockingContextStickers added
10New FeatureDockingContainers sample added
Report Control
# Type Description
1New FeatureInitial first release of Report Control
Version 8.70 April 15, 2004
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMade methods GetNextItem const
2MaintenanceWhen you collapse a tree node that has a child item selected and you press the down or up arrow key, a debug assertion is thrown
3MaintenanceDisplay problems with focus rect when tree would lose focus
4MaintenanceAdded additional argument to SelectAll that allows for starting from a specified tree node
5MaintenanceWhen editing a tree label, if the new text it shorter than the original label, the text under the edit box is displayed
6MaintenancePreTranslateMessage would pump messages when in label edit mode
7MaintenanceCorrected font and background color display problems and pretranslate message pumping messages when edit is present
8MaintenanceFixed bug with resizing that would cause display problems with trees or lists that are in edit mode when a size operation begins
9MaintenanceFixed bug with all edit controls including browse edit that would fail to initialize correctly under certain situations
10MaintenanceFixed MFCBUG: During label editing if the tree is resized while there is an edit box open, the edit box is not moved to the new location of the tree item, but is left in it previous location
11MaintenanceFixed bug with resize that was recently introduced with setting focus when sizing. Reduced some overhead with checking for group box during resize
12MaintenanceFixed bug with StripMnemonics that would change '&&' to '&' which would cause the following statement: "House & Home" to appear as "House _Home"
13MaintenanceFixed bug with window size changes that would incorrectly position browse button
14MaintenanceFixed display bug with toolbar button theme when button had focus
15New FeatureAdded OnCustomize() command handler to enable expansion button display to enhance samples and eliminate confusion with product evaluation as many reports would indicate the disabled "Standard" popup was a bug
16MaintenanceFixed GPF error on Windows NT
17MaintenanceFixed bugs with class wizards that would cause the compile errors when choosing rebars or ole container support
18MaintenanceFixed memory leaks due to directory monitoring thread incorrectly initialized
19New FeatureEnhancements to outlook bar control
20New FeatureAdded CXTResizeGroupBox class to draw flicker free group box with resizing dialogs
21New FeatureAdded Themes support for CXTButton class
22New FeatureAdded SetButtonTheme
23New FeatureCXTCaption::SetOffcie2003Color added
24New FeatureCXTWindowList class added
25New FeatureTaskPanel: Custom theme Sample added
26New FeatureCXTWindowList sample added
27New FeatureTaskPanel group icons support added
28New FeatureTabManager added. TabManager is the common tabs painting routines for CommandBars, DockingPanes and TabControl
29New FeatureCXTPTabControl class added
30New FeatureAdded TabManager and GUI_Eclipse sample
31New FeatureWindows XP theme support added Initialization for initialize edit, browse edit, and edit list controls
32New FeatureWindows XP theme support for button, edit, browse edit, and edit list controls
33MaintenanceMade SetXButtonStyle virtual
34New FeatureAdded xp theme support for browse button
35New FeatureAdded themes to draw 3D disabled icons and WinXP toolbar style buttons
36New FeatureAdded a check to truncate tooltip text to the maximum allowed size. This would cause an ASSERT when the tooltip was longer than the expected length
37MaintenanceUpdated button project for current theme revisions
38New FeatureAdded theme support to color picker
39New FeatureAdded recalclayout method
40MaintenanceChanged window location to use defer
41New FeatureAdded CEditListBoxEx helper class to handle sizing edit list in CXTTabCtrl
42MaintenanceSet xp mode for edit list toolbar buttons
43New FeatureAdded "scope" resolution operant for all registry API calls for clarity
44New FeatureAdded members for section and profile name that are set in the constructor rather than calling a pointer to CWinApp, since this pointer could be invalid in some case
45MaintenanceUpdated icons for sample
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureAlpha Icons support added for All OS
2New Feature.NET Grouping like Tabbed Workspace added
3MaintenanceEnhances in ImageEditor dialog - new look, support all image files, alpha icons and bitmaps support added
4New FeatureAdded missing CXTPControlEdit::Serialize method
5New FeatureTabWorkspace Tooltips added
6MaintenanceOptimization in SaveCommandBars. Now stored only customized ToolBars
7MaintenanceReorganization of Color Manager
8New FeatureCXTPControl::FromUI method added
9New FeatureTPM_RIGHTBUTTON flag support added
10MaintenanceEnhances in Designer (Resource Dialog, Control flags, PopupToolbar option)
11New FeatureAdded CXTPControlSelector (see GUI_Office11 sample for more information)
Property Grid
# Type Description
1New FeatureCXTPShortcutBar::SetImageManager method added
2MaintenanceFixed bug that occurred when Categories.Clear was called in OnValueChanged handler
3New FeatureAdded XTPPropertyGridItem::SetMask, XTPPropertyGridItem::SetPasswordMask
4New FeatureCCustomItemDate sample added
5Sample updateSample updated
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSome flicker removed
2MaintenanceVisual C++ 5.0 fix
3New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::UseSplitterTracker option added
4New FeatureGetPaneData/SetPaneData methods added
5MaintenanceSome enhances in Animation routines
6New FeatureDockingPanes Actions added
7New FeaturePaneAction sample added
8New FeatureDockingPaneManager::HideClient option added
9New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::LockSplitters method added
10New FeatureNew themes for tabs, added support of Tabs at Top, Left, Right. see TabManager sample
11New FeatureCXTPDockingPaneManager::UseSplitterTracker option added
Version 8.61 January 28, 2004
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixes bug with multi-line tab control drawing theme
2MaintenanceFixes bug with browse edit control forcing parent to redraw multiple times due to redundant calls to RedrawWindow
3MaintenanceFixes the following build error in .NET: XTMaskEditT.h(701) : error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'tCHAR' to 'ATL::CStringT<BaseType,StringTraits>'
4MaintenanceFixes problem with initialization when control is dynamically created instead of subclassed for edit list box
5New FeatureAdded CXTPShortcutBar::RemoveItem and CXTPShortcutBar::RemoveAllItems
6New FeatureAdded AppWizards for 6.0, 7.0 and 7.1 Studios
7New FeatureAdded IsExpanded() member to search options control
8New FeatureGroup icons support added for Task Panel
9New FeatureSetClientBitmap added to Task Panel
10New FeatureRemoveItem and RemoveAllItems added to Task Panel
11New FeatureAdded xtpTypeControls item type for Task Panel
Suite Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureAppWizards added for 6.0, 7.0 and 7.1 Studios
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug In Visual C++ 2003 Font Combo box wasn't sorted
2MaintenanceFixed bugs in CommandBars designer
3MaintenanceFixed bug in ImageEditor when picture edited in low resolutions
4MaintenanceFixed bug with MDI tabs if you Attach then Detach you cannot call Attach again without causing an ASSERT then crash
5New FeatureMDI Standard Customization added
6New FeatureMenuBar icons (close, minimize, restore) added to MDIPopup menu
7New FeatureNew method CXTPControl::IsTemporary method added
8New FeatureNew method CXTPImageManager::Lookup added
9New FeatureNew method CXTPControlPopup::Style method added. Now possible to add Split button with icon and text, see CustomThemes sample
10New FeatureAdded ability to inherit Edit control of CXTPControlComboBox (see CustomThemes sample)
11MaintenanceIf controls size customization info greater than 16kb it stores to file
12New FeatureAdded Context Help support to command bars including HelpContext sample project
13New FeatureAdded optimization and enhanced performance
14New FeatureAdded "ICY" theme to custom themes sample
15New FeatureAdded "Eclipse" GUI sample
16MaintenanceMade CXTPImageManagerIcon constructor public so it is accessable from outside of the toolkit project
17New FeatureNew method ShowTextBelowIcons to set the command bar text below icons instead of to the right and ActiveX property added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceRemoved static members TRUE_VALUE and FALSE_VALUE that would not allow correct initialization for the True and False text strings
2MaintenanceFixed problems with statically linked samples
3MaintenanceFixes bug with double click crash when items are deleted in ValueChange handler
4MaintenanceMade CXTPPropertyGridItem::GetInplaceEdit virtual, see GridSample
Version 8.60 November 21, 2003
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug occurring with the time mask edit control not parsing the mask correctly
2MaintenanceFixed bug occurring with CXTSearchOptionsView not sizing correctly if the scroll bars are displayed
3MaintenanceFixed bug occurring with the list box mouse wheel scrolling and not painting background correctly
4MaintenanceFixed bug that occurred with the tree control painting the background color when set to a color other than white
5MaintenanceFixed bug occurring with the tip of the day dialog resetting the show tips check box when the next button was pressed
6MaintenanceFixed problem with the shell tree and combo box that would cause each directory that is traversed to be added to the drop down combo when tunneling. Also added support for cut, copy, paste, delete and select all for combo box
7MaintenanceFixed bug that occurred with disabled tree control not drawing text correctly
8New FeatureAdditional fix for tree control background and text color setting
9New FeatureTaskPanel control added
10New FeatureXTFlatComboBox with Office XP style added
11New FeatureTaskPanel sample added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceMouseManager fixed for multithreaded applications
2New FeatureAnimation added
3New FeatureSystem sounds added
4New FeatureON_XTP_EXECUTE_RANGE macro added
5New FeatureAdded the ability to add inherited Toolbars
6New FeatureCXTPControlListBox class added
7New FeatureMDI customization mechanizm added
8New FeatureAdded void CXTPControl::AssignDocTemplate(UINT nIDResource);
9New FeatureAdded void CXTPControl::ExcludeDocTemplate(UINT nIDResource);
10New FeatureAdded CXTPPopupToolBar::SetBorders(CRect rcBorders);
11New FeatureAdded CXTPPopupToolBar::DisableShadow();
12New FeatureAdded virtual void CXTPControl::OnRButtonUp
13New FeatureAdded CXTPToolBar::SetContextMenuPresent(BOOL bPresent);
14New FeatureCXTPColorManager()->DisableLunaColors() method added
15New FeatureMDIMenus sample added
16New FeatureListBox sample added
17New FeatureGUI_Explorer added
18New FeatureMSDI sample added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed the positioning of combobox list when it pops up at the bottom of the screen
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed bug that occurred when the user dropped a pane to an expanded pane
Version 8.51 September 29, 2003
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1MaintenanceSplitter fixed
2New FeatureShortcutBar sample added
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceFixed Context Popup to send commands to the main frame instead of to the owner
2MaintenanceFixed bug in restoring user image
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceItem's value can now be changed by a double click to the item's caption
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1MaintenanceChanges in architecture. It is now possible to have some Docking Panes managers with different themes
Version 8.50 September 18, 2003
Command Bars
# Type Description
1MaintenanceOffice2003 Splitter fix
2MaintenanceOffice2003 Shadow fix (more blue in Blue theme, more olive and silver in Olive and Silver themes)
3MaintenanceEnhanced Office2003 theme
4New FeatureCommandBars Designer added
5New FeatureAdded Flags to CXTPTabClientWnd class (xtpWorkspaceHideArrows, xtpWorkspaceHideClose, xtpWorkspaceHideAll)
6New FeatureImage Editor added
7New FeatureCustomization Keyboard Page added
8New FeatureXTP_COMMANDBARS_OPTIONS::bSyncFloatingBars option added
9New FeatureXTP_COMMANDBARS_OPTIONS::bShowExpandButtonAlways option added
10New FeatureWM_XTP_INITCOMMANDSPOPUP notification added
11New FeatureCXTPControlCustom added
12New FeatureAdded TPM_RETURNCMD flag support for TrackPopupMenu
13New FeatureAuto Update feature added
14New FeatureStatus Bar 2003 theme added
15New FeatureAdded ability to use Command Bars in Topmost frames and as popup of tray icon
16MaintenanceItems can now be activated by keyboard even if they have no accel
17New FeatureFloating / Docked position can now be changed by double click (XTP_COMMANDBARS_OPTIONS::bDblClickFloating flag added)
18New FeatureDialogSample added
19New FeatureCustomizeDlg sample added
20New FeatureNotification sample added
21New FeatureCommonControls sample added
22New FeatureGUI_OneNote added sample added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceOptimization in ResetContrent method
2New FeatureCtrl+Left, Ctrl+Right to reposition divider added
3MaintenanceEnhanced in Tab key, F4, Alt + Down
4New FeaturePropertyGridPaintManager added. There are built-in themes: xtpGridThemeDefault, xtpGridThemeNativeWinXP, xtpGridThemeOffice2003, xtpGridThemeCool, xtpGridThemeSimple, xtpGridThemeDelphi
5New FeatureBind* function added (BindToString, BindToBol, ...)
6New FeatureSetConstraintEdit method added
7New FeatureBindSample added
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureOffice 2003 theme added
2New FeatureWinXP theme added
Version 8.00 July 31, 2003
Toolkit Pro
# Type Description
1New FeatureInitial first release of Toolkit Pro
2MaintenanceFixed Deployment wizard with Visual Studio 2003
3New FeaturePaneOptions sample added
4New FeaturePrintPreview sample added
5New FeatureMDITabWindow sample added
6MaintenanceXTPToolkit.h renamed as XTToolkitPro.h and XTPResource.rc renamed as XTToolkitPro.rc
7New FeatureAdded evaluation version of Toolkit Pro. (Debug version only!)
Command Bars
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded Customization! (Customization Dialog, Customization Toolbars and Menus, Customization Popup in "Add or Remove Buttons")
2New FeatureTear-off popups added!
3New FeatureIntellegent Menus added!
4MaintenanceXTPToolkit.h renamed as XTCommandBarsPro.h and XTPResource.rc renamed as XTCommandBarsPro.rc
5New FeatureAdded xtpFlagUseMDIMenus flag
6New Featureadded XTPToolBarFlags enumerator to control docking
7New FeatureWM_XTP_CREATECOMMNANDBAR notification message added
8New FeatureWM_XTP_CREATECONTROL notification message added
9MaintenanceXTPControlCombooxExt.cpp moved to the Command Bars source
10MaintenanceXTPControlPopupColor.cpp moved to the Command Bars source
11MaintenanceXTPTabClientWnd.cpp moved to the Command Bars source
12New FeatureDynamicPopups sample added
13New FeatureGUI_MsMoney sample added
14New FeatureTearOffPopups sample added
15New FeatureIntellegentMenus sample added
Property Grid
# Type Description
1MaintenanceChanging a grid item readonly flag does not result in an immediate redraw
2New FeatureXTPToolkit.h renamed as XTPropertyGridPro.h and XTPResource.rc renamed as XTPropertyGridPro.rc
3New Featureadded DECLARE_DYNAMIC and IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC macros to the CXTPPropertyGridItem derived classes
4New FeatureSetCustomColors
Docking Pane
# Type Description
1New FeatureCloseAll method added
2New FeatureIsPaneFloating method added
3New FeatureDestroyPane method added
4New FeatureXTP_DPN_CLOSEPANE notification added
5New FeatureAdded SetOptions/GetOptions to set xtpPaneNoCloseable and xtpPaneNoHideable flags
6MaintenanceXTPToolkit.h renamed as XTDockingPanePro.h and XTPResource.rc renamed as XTDockingPanePro.rc
7New Featureadded CXTPDockingPaneAutoHideWnd::m_dAnimationDelay
8New Feature"Auto Hide" and "Close" tooltips added
9MaintenanceSome enhances in Visio theme
10New FeatureDynamic Panes sample added