Version 24 Beta 1

ToolkitPro and SuitePro v24 Beta 1 available!

It’s been a long-awaited update, and finally, it’s here with a host of exciting new features and long- requested fixes! This release is particularly special as it introduces two outstanding features that the Codejock community has been anticipating for many years: complete SVG support and the new Gauge control! Alongside these two fantastic additions are numerous other enhancements and improvements.

Full SVG support

Complete SVG support has finally been added to both ToolkitPro and SuitePro. Yes, that means our users can now enjoy scalable and easy-to-manage SVG icons in CommandBars, Ribbon, and other controls. Additionally, SVG images can be previewed in the Preview control, used in Markup, image managers, and loaded and drawn using a dedicated CXTPSvgImage class (ToolkitPro only).

The new Gauge control

We're opening a new chapter in Codejock's history by introducing a framework for creating and using professional gauges to express complex measurements in simple, attractive, and highly customizable forms. Built entirely in Markup and JavaScript, the Gauge control allows for the creation and extension of multi -dimensional gauges where almost every visual element can be configured or animated to meet the most demanding business needs. The initial implementation allows for analogue meter gauges of up to five dimensions, a digital screen of up to five dimensions, and a state-reflecting gauge for an unlimited number of states. You can find the main FAQ article on it here: [Link to the FAQ].

Windows 11 theme

Make your application look modern and consistent on all supported OS versions using the new Windows 11 theme, available in Light and Dark color schemes.

And More...

Many other smaller yet important additions and fixes have been included, including significant improvements to time-consuming data and image processing algorithms by enabling parallel computations, extended COM/OLE initialization for MFC apps, new WebView2 initialization properties for the WebBrowser control, markup support for ComboBox, a large number of Markup fixes and improvements, especially those related to Markup stability, performance, and scripting, SVG primitives that replace dependency on Codejock.ttf, a number of reworked samples, and much more.

We'd love to hear your feedback about this release, and we're grateful in advance for you sharing your thoughts with us. Please refer to our release notes for this version on our website [here], and use the following communication channels to share your feedback:

We understand the importance of all feature requests and are working our best to deliver all promised features as quickly as possible. We hope that this release will exceed your expectations.

More exciting updates are in the works for future releases too.

Codejock Development Team!