v24 Beta 1
    Introducing Codejock Gauge and full SVG support!
    After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce
    the release of Codejock ToolkitPro and SuitePro
    v24.0.0 (Beta 1), packed with a variety of exciting
    new features and long-awaited fixes.
    Take Charting To The Next Level
    Codejock Chart is a professional chart library
    that supports several popular charting styles
    including Range, Stacked, Rotated Bars, Bubble,
    Point Charts and more.
    Custom Theme Support & Multiple Data Formats
    Outlook style calendar and date selection
    components that allow users to easily create
    calandars and manage appointments arranged
    by day, week, work week, or month.
    Customizable • Theme Ready • Easy To Use
    Controls includes several ready-to-use
    components that have been thoroughly
    designed and tested, such as color
    pickers, font selection, editors, and more.
    Grid Control
    Easily Group and Sort Data
    Grid Control provides a sophisticated Outlook
    style report format. Windows developers can
    easily create, group, and sort data in a flat or
    hierarchical format.
    Docking Pane
    Tear Off Tabs • Auto Hide Panes
    Docking Pane allows you to create fully
    customizable docking panes with tear off tabs
    and auto hide windows that allow for a more
    manageable application workspace.

Award Winning Components

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Toolkit Pro

v22.1.0 for Visual C++ / MFC

Codejock Software’s award winning ToolkitPro combines all of our Visual C++ products into one package providing the most comprehensive collection of MFC components available.

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Suite Pro

v22.1.0 for ActiveX / COM

Suite Pro bundles all of our ActiveX controls into one product empowering developers with tools to create professional Windows applications using any ActiveX container.

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Welcome to Rapid Development Reusable Controls Codejock Software

Codejock is a leading provider of components and controls for Visual C++ MFC and ActiveX COM technologies. Our passion has always been to develop software that is a testament to our expertise in user interface design. Our products provide a rich, solid framework that help our customers deliver enterprise level applications that have a professional modern appearance, on time and under budget.

Codejock Component Libraries

Our full line of user interface components are continuously enhanced to provide Windows developers with the most sophisticated, well written, stable components found anywhere. Corporations around the globe continue to choose Codejock Software to deploy professional cutting-edge applications.


Codejock Features Include

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned developer, freelance or a large corporation, Codejock has the right tools to increase your productivity to deliver a professional enterprise class application.

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Professional Components

Codejock Software's GUI solutions are powerful, easy to use, up to date, fast, and cost effective!

Software development never stops, and neither do we. Following design and development trends we will continue to grow and develop our products as well. Our components are and will continue to be cutting edge development tools adapting to the ever changing needs of our clients and the software development community.


As a hardcore MFC programmer, I was thrilled to find Toolkit Pro!

You make the only affordable, high-quality extension to MFC on the market. Developing with the Toolkit is a real pleasure and has added finesse and polish to the commercial application our firm is currently developing. This will give us an edge over our competition when we bring our product to market. Thanks, Codejock!

Rodney Adams, Henderson Medical Systems

We have been using Toolkit Pro for a very short while in our company and already now the investment has paid for itself in terms of productivity gain. We have been down the road of using various non-commercial packages but time is quickly wasted on patching up these ‘semi-products’ for stability...Thank you for a great product!

Niels Andersen, InfraLogic

We found your software while starting a new development project where the UI and time to market was critical to its success. Toolkit Pro paid for itself instantly and keeps returning value. We would never do another development project without it.

Brian Roepke, truEInnovations, Inc.

Toolkit Pro has saved us many development hours when creating software projects. The variety of included object classes are robust and easy to implement. The products offered by Codejock Software are well worth their price in all they provide and the development time they save.

Don Metzler, Barefoot Productions, Inc.