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About Codejock

Who We Are...

Codejock Software is a leading provider of reusable software components which facilitate rapid Graphical User Interface application development using Microsoft® Visual Studio development platforms.

With humble beginnings in 1998 we started with the simple goal of making software development faster, easier and cost effective. Building on this philosophy, we continue to lead the way in developing professional interface components and development tools that allow Windows developers to deploy their applications quickly, while providing a stunning user interface.

Why Choose Codejock?

Codejock Software is committed to helping developers realize their goals by providing superior components, customer service and technical support. Codejock Software's GUI solutions are powerful, easy to use, up to date, fast, and cost effective!

Our full line of user interface components are continuously enhanced to provide Windows developers with the most sophisticated, well written, stable components found anywhere. Corporations around the globe continue to choose Codejock Software to deploy professional cutting-edge applications.

Software development never stops, and neither do we. Following design and development trends we will continue to grow and develop our products as well. Our components are and will continue to be cutting edge development tools adapting to the ever changing needs of our clients and the software development community.

Power “ability to act or produce an effect...”

Our components allow you to quickly create professional and authentic looking applications using the latest controls. You can include GUI controls like the ones found in Microsoft® Office™, Visual Studio™, Internet Explorer™ and Outlook™. You will have access to cool menus, intelligent menus, docking windows and many other controls. And, we provide support for many different languages.

Ease “showing or requiring little or no effort...”

Because our tools are written for use with Visual Studio, they can be integrated into your current applications or used to develop professional looking original applications with minimal time or effort.

Speed “swiftness or rate of performance or action...”

Our products are fully compatible and extendable with MFC and ActiveX so you can integrate it into your current applications. This can save you hours in development time. We provide over 40 example projects to make using our classes even faster and easier. We pride ourselves on our customer support, and strive to ensure our toolkit is fully supported. You will receive timely answers to your questions, so you will have the latest and best solutions to your development projects.

Current “occurring in or existing at the present time...”

We watch the latest design trends to insure our controls match the latest and greatest of visual designs. Our products include hundreds of components to allow you to create robust applications using the latest design in GUIs.

Cost Effective “economical in terms of tangible benefits produced by money spent...”

Registered users have additional benefits. Our Visual C++ products include complete source code for all samples and library components. Active-X products are distributed in binary format only however complete source code is included for all samples. Help documentation is also included and you will always have access to technical support and the latest software updates, maintenance and enhancements.

Complete “having all necessary parts, elements, or steps...”

Developers can easily integrate our components into their existing applications, as well as quickly develop custom, professional looking applications in a fraction of the time and cost.

Economical “marked by careful, efficient, and prudent use of resources...”

All of our components are royalty free, and developers can continue to use them to create professional cutting-edge applications without the worry of additional costs.

Modern “involving recent techniques, methods, or ideas...”

We follow the latest design trends in order to provide the most modern designs in graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Timely “occurring at an appropriate time... ”

We provide timely customer support to insure our customers have the latest and best solutions to their development projects.