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Add Multi-Language Support to your CommandBars

Author: Mike Palmatier
Platform: Visual Basic 6.0

Command Bars supports up to 32 different languages. CommandBars multi-language support will translate all static strings that the developer can not change such as the text on the customize dialog. All editable strings will not be translated as they can be changed by the developer. The CommandBarsGlobalSettings.ResourceFile property is used to set the current local for your application. This should be placed in the Form_Initialize event of the main form.

Provided with the CommandBars is a separate DLL file for each language. The files can be found in the Codejock Software\Bin\Translations folder.

This sample code illustrates how to use a translated resource dll file for your selected language. In this sample Arabic was selected.

Private Sub Form_Initialize()
    CommandBarsGlobalSettings.ResourceFile = "XTPResourceArSa.dll"
End Sub