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Fixing CPU Target build errors for ActiveX COM Samples

Author: Daniel Smith
Platform: ActiveX COM

There have been some noted instances where users reported certain build errors for ActiveX products. The error is related to the target CPU platform. While we are working out a long term correction, a short term solution is available to fix many of these issues.

1. If you experience an exception while building an ActiveX sample that looks similar to this, please try the steps below before contacting support.

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2. This issue is caused from improper CPU targeting. To correct this, please right click the project in your solution explorer and go to the project properties.

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3. This will open the project properties form. From here, choose the Build tab, which is the second down on the left. Inside the build tab, find the platform target option, and select x86.

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4. Click save, and attempt to build and debug the sample. If your sample still does not compile, you likely have a different issue. You can also seek out support on the Codejock Forum.