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Changing the Language for a Component

Author: Mike Palmatier
Platform: Visual Basic 6.0

Codejock Components allows you to support multiple languages with only a single line of code.

article Arabic article Czech article Finnish article Hebrew article Swedish article Thai
article Portugal article Chinese article Danish article France article Hungarian article Ukrainian
article Dutch article Romanian article Taiwan article English (US) article German article Italian
article Slovenian article Spanish article Croatian article Estonian article Greek article Japanese
article Slovakian article Russian article South Korean article Latvian article Lithuanian article Norwegian
article Polish article Brazil

Included with each Codejock component are 32 language resource files. This will translate all static strings that the developer can not change such as the text on the commandbars customize dialog. These files are installed to the "..\Codejock Software\Bin\Translations" folder. All you need to do is set the ResourceFile property of the component to the name of the resource file you want to use. This should be done in the Form_Initialize event.

Private Sub Form_Initialize()
    CommandBarsGlobalSettings.ResourceFile = "XTPResourceArSa.dll"
    DockingPaneGlobalSettings.ResourceFile = "XTPResourceArSa.dll"
    PropertyGridGlobalSettings.ResourceFile = "XTPResourceArSa.dll"
    ShortcutBarGlobalSettings.ResourceFile = "XTPResourceArSa.dll"
End Sub