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Insert the ‘Window List’ command into the ‘Window’ popup menu

Author: Kirk Stowell
Platform: Visual C++ MFC

To add the Windows List command to the Window’ popup menu for your MDI application, add a new menu command to your menu resource titled Window List’.  Set its command ID equal to 35000, or you can use the following command ID which is already defined in toolkit:

#define XTP_ID_WINDOWLIST 35000

Visual Studio resource editor...
Add Window List

If you plan on using XTP_ID_WINDOWLIST instead of 35000, you will need to add the Toolkit Pro resources to your project.   To do so, select the resource tab in Visual Studio and right click on the resource tree and select "Resource Includes" as shown here:

Right Click Resource

Once you have the "Resource Includes" dialog open, you will need to add #include "XTPResource.h" to the list of read only symbol directives and close the dialog by pressing the "OK" button:

Resource Includes