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Deploying TookitPro in Visual Studio 2017

Author: Alexander Stoyan
Platform: Deploying TookitPro in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 has an ability to install zero, one or several versions of Windows 10 SDK. As most of the users never install all possible SDK versions, such users can experience difficulties with deploying ToolkitPro for Visual Studio 2017. This happens because ToolkitPro project files for Visual Studio 2017 are targeted to a specific Windows 10 SDK, and as Visual Studio project file format does not allow targeting to more than one SDK version, the users that don't have that specific Windows 10 SDK version installed will not be able to build ToolkitPro right out of the box, in such a case the Deploy Wizard will fail in the following way:


Targeting ToolkitPro project files to one specific Windows 10 SDK version doesn't make them incompatible with other SDK versions, they only have to be retargeted manually to any installed Windows 10 SDK prior to compiling. If you face with this problem the first thing you need to try is this:

  1. Open Visual Studio 2017 ToolkitPro solution. By default you can find this file at the following location provided that Visual Studio 2017 projects were selected for installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Codejock Software\MFC\Xtreme ToolkitPro v18.4.0\Workspace\ToolkitPro\ToolkitPro_vc150.sln
  2. In the solution context menu in Solution Explorer pick Retarget Solution:


  3. Select the needed Windows 10 SDK version from the dropdown list in the Review Solution Actions dialog and press OK:


  4. Once the retargeting process successfully completes save the modified solution, close Visual Studio and try building ToolkitPro using Deploy Wizard once again.