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Upgrading Toolkit Standard to Toolkit Pro -
Preparing Your Application

Author: Kirk Stowell
Platform: Visual C++ MFC

The first thing you will need to do is change the include file for the toolkit in your StdAfx.h file.  This is the file that is used to bring in all of the toolkits class definitions and links your application to the toolkit.   To do this, open your StdAfx.h file and change #include <XTToolKit.h> to #include <XTPToolkit.h>, for example:

#include <XTToolkitPro.rc> // Toolkit Pro components

Renaming Your Base Classes

Next you will need to change some base class derivations.  You will need to replace all occurrences of CXT... to C..., for example in a MDI application CXTMDIChildWnd becomes CMDIChildWnd and CXTMDIFrameWnd becomes CMDIFrameWnd.  For a SDI application CXTFrameWnd becomes CFrameWnd.  Here is a complete list of classes that you will need to change back to their original MFC naming convention.  This will return your application to a good starting point for the migration:

Toolkit Standard Class Name MFC Class Name (rename to)
CXTFrameWnd CFrameWnd
CXTOleIPFrameWnd COleIPFrameWnd
CXTControlBar CControlBar
CXTDialogBar CDialogBar
CXTReBarCtrl CReBarCtrl

Additional Missing Classes

The following classes are no longer available in the professional version of Codejock Toolkit.  They have either been replaced or made obsolete with the new architecture.  Most of these classes you would not use directly, however they are listed here for your reference:

Toolkit Standard Class Name
CXTAccelSwapOutItemList CXTCustOptions CXTPopupTearOffWnd
CXTAccelManager CXTCustomizeSheet CXTPopupColorTearOff
CXTCBarDialog CXTDockBar CXTPopupToolbarTearOff
CXTCommandsListBox CXTDockColorSelector CXTPreviewView
CXTItemData CXTDockContext CXTSplitterDock
CXTCoolMenu CXTDockWindow CXTSplitterRowDock
CXTMenu CXTFrameImpl CXTToolBar
CXTCustomToolBar CXTString CXTToolBarCtrl
CXTCustToolBarPage CXTMenuBarItem CXTPopupWndToolbar
CXTCustCommandsPage CXTMenuBar CXTToolBarPopupWndHook
CXTCustAccelerators CXTMiniDockFrameWnd CXTToolBarPopupWnd
CXTCustTools CXTNewToolbarDlg CXTToolsManager