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Making a Group Special

Author: Mike Palmatier
Platform: Visual C++ 6.0

You can designate a task panel group as "special."  Groups marked as special will be displayed differently than normal groups drawing the users attention to that particular group.  This is an excellent way to show the user the "default" or important items.

Special group Normal group
Special Group Normal Group

To set a group as special all you need to do is use the SetSpecialGroup method.

CXTPTaskPanelGroup* pGroupSystem = m_wndTaskPanel.AddGroup(ID_TASKGROUP_SYSTEM);

pGroupSystem->AddLinkItem(ID_TASKITEM_HIDECONTENTS, 0);
pGroupSystem->AddLinkItem(ID_TASKITEM_ADDORREMOVE, 1);
pGroupSystem->AddLinkItem(ID_TASKITEM_SEARCH, 2);