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Description Control Type Platform
ActiveX Component Distribution General VB6, C#, VB.NET
Documentation and getting the most of the available information Any MFC, VB6, C#, VB.NET
Deploying TookitPro in Visual Studio 2017 General MFC
Microsoft Detours base API hook core for SkinFramework General MFC
Custom scroll bars for ToolkitPro common controls General MFC
C++ language standard compliance General MFC
WebBrowser Control Any MFC, VB6, C#, VB.NET
Report Control to Grid Migration Guide Grid MFC
Report Control to Grid Migration Guide Grid VB6, C#, VB.NET
Gauge Control Overview Gauge MFC, VB6, C#, VB.NET
Applying the Office 2007 Theme Calendar VB6
Applying Custom Colors to Individual Cells Calendar VB6
How to use Calendar Control Custom Data Provider Calendar VB6
Adding the CommandBars Control to your ToolBox CommandBars VB6
Removing the Expand Button from a ToolBar CommandBars VB6
Adding One or More ToolBars on the Same Row CommandBars VB6, C#
Removing the ToolBar Gripper CommandBars VB6, C#
Adding a ToolBar CommandBars VB6
Specify where a Toolbar can be Docked CommandBars VB6
Keep a Toolbar from 'wrapping' to the next Row CommandBars VB6
Stretch a Toolbar to Fill the Entire Width of the Application CommandBars VB6
Enabling the Office 2003 Luna Colors when Running in Windows 2000 and Earlier CommandBars VB6
What You Need to Know About CommandBar Control IDs CommandBars VB6
Special \ Reserved Control IDs CommandBars VB6
Importing Images into the ImageManager at Design Time CommandBars VB6
Why you should use the ImageManager Control CommandBars VB6
Removing an Icon from the ImageManager at Design Time CommandBars VB6
Changing Popup Menu Animation Style CommandBars VB6
Creating an Intelligent Menu\Add a "Infrequently used Command" CommandBars VB6
Disabling Luna Colors When using the Office 2003 Theme CommandBars VB6
Hiding a ToolBar CommandBars VB6
Removing ToolBars from the Context Menu CommandBars VB6
Hiding the ActiveMenuBar (Menu at the Top) CommandBars VB6
Changing the Popup Menu Icon Size CommandBars VB6
Setting the Size of ToolBar Icons when using LargeIcons CommandBars VB6
Displaying Text Below ToolBar Icons CommandBars VB6
Add or Remove CommandBar MDI Buttons CommandBars VB6
Add Multi-Language Support to your CommandBars CommandBars VB6
Using CommandBar Actions CommandBars VB6
Keep Docking Panes from Drawing Over CommandBars DockingPane VB6
Changing the Language for a Component General VB6
Using Merge Modules General VB6
Embedding License Information in Your Application General VB6, C#, VB.NET
Fixing CPU Target build errors for ActiveX COM Samples General VB6
Allowing the Popup Window to be Moved PopupControl VB6
Adding Multi-Line Items PropertyGrid VB6
Adding Drag and Drop Support ReportControl VB6
Printing a Report ReportControl VB6
Creating your own Expand Menu ShortcutBar VB6
Removing the Expand Button ShortcutBar VB6
Applying the Office 2007 Skin SkinFramework VB6
Adding Multi-Row Tabs TabControl VB6
Making a Group Special TaskPanel VB6
Applying the Office 2007 Theme Calendar MFC
Office Style Toolbars and Menus CommandBars MFC
Office Style Toolbar and Menu Customization CommandBars MFC
Create a custom theme for your application CommandBars MFC
Add intelligent menus CommandBars MFC
Add MDI Menus customization CommandBars MFC
Insert the ‘Window List’ command into the ‘Window’ popup menu CommandBars MFC
Insert the ‘Customize’ command into the ‘Toolbars’ popup menu CommandBars MFC
Add a splitter popup button that doesn't disappear CommandBars MFC
Handling ON_COMMAND and ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI messages CommandBars MFC
Add controls inheritance to your application CommandBars MFC
Implementing the popular Office style flat combo box Controls MFC
Implementing an Outlook Style Menu and Pager Control Controls MFC
Adding Codejock ToolkitPro to Visual Studio 2010 General MFC
Statically link with Toolkit Pro when also statically linked to MFC General MFC
Upgrading Toolkit Standard Edition to Toolkit Pro Edition General MFC
Dialog With Splash Screen General MFC
Using the MFC class CAnimateCtrl General MFC
Integrate existing help files with the MSDN collection General MFC
Add a drop down arrow to a standard CToolbar object General MFC
Dock toolbars on the same row during startup General MFC
Use 24-bit color toolbars and hot tracking on mouse over General MFC
Remove the close button from a floating toolbar General MFC
Adding A Drop Arrow To A Toolbar Button General MFC
Docking Toolbars Side-By-Side General MFC
Using 24-bit Color Toolbars General MFC
Allowing the Popup Window to be Moved PopupControl MFC
Adding Multi-Line Items PropertyGrid MFC
Printing a Report ReportControl MFC
Removing the Expand Button ShortcutBar MFC
Applying the Office 2007 Skin SkinFramework MFC
Adding Multi-Row Tabs TabControl MFC
Making a Group Special TaskPanel MFC
Adding a docking pane to your application DockingPane MFC
Resizing a Pane via Code DockingPane VB6
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