Case Study Colasoft

Colasoft Co., Ltd. utilized Toolkit Pro to quickly deliver a cutting-edge GUI to its expert network sniffer products.

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Toolkit Pro is what we were looking for and it doesn't disappoint us. We did the right thing, it is really a good helper for our GUI development.

Roy Luo, President & Chief Architect, Colasoft Co., Ltd.

Company Brief

Colasoft Co., Ltd. provides network maintenance, management applications and solutions for the Microsoft Windows platform.

The Challenge

Colasoft Co., Ltd. needed to provide a modern GUI and user friendly GUI features such as Visual Studio and Microsoft Office style docking panes, menus, toolbars, hotkeys etc.

"Our mission is to provide corporate developers, networks administrators and IT professionals with high quality, cutting-edge technologies and products in order to improve the management of networks." - Roy Luo, President & Chief Architect, Colasoft Co., Ltd.

The Solution

The Toolkit Pro not only provided a quick upgrade path, but also brought them opportunities to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the product for the new release, extending its lifetime beyond initial plans.

"Very easy to use, well documented; full source code availability allows us to expand the library." - Roy Luo, President & Chief Architect, Colasoft Co., Ltd.

Colasoft selected Toolkit Pro because it provided more features and is better implemented than the GUI components they switched from.

Toolkit Pro provided Colasoft with up-to-date Windows user interface functionality for all their products.

The Results - 'Colasoft Capsa'

Colasoft Capsa is an expert packet sniffer and protocol analyzer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosis; it monitors the network traffic transmitted over a local host and a local network, with the ability of real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes your network operations completely transparent before you, letting you isolate and troubleshoot network problems quickly and efficiently. The flexible and intuitive user interface lets either IT professionals or novice users skillfully handle it in a few moments.


Codejock Software's Toolkit Pro helped Colasoft Co., Ltd. meet their strategic business objectives and goals by saving them a lot of development time in the GUI part of their applications.

"With Toolkit Pro, Colasoft Capsa provides a modern MSDI interface. Users can customize many facets such as dock view layout, menu, toolbar and hotkeys." - Roy Luo, President & Chief Architect, Colasoft Co., Ltd.

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