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Toolkit Pro enables Morpheus Software to easily deliver a high-quality modern GUI and focus time on building features instead of a GUI.

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With Toolkit Pro, we can easily produce a modern GUI that users expect from today's applications, and focus more of our time on the program's actual features. With Codejock's quick support, great price, and high-quality controls, I would definitely recommend their products to other programmers.

Ryan Rubley, C.T.O., Morpheus Software

Company Brief

Morpheus Software produces and markets the world's leading digital photo animation software titles. The company's flagship product, Morpheus Photo Morpher, has been downloaded over 6 million times by digital photo users worldwide. Morpheus Software's complete line of software titles includes Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Wrapper, Morpheus Photo Mixer, Morpheus Photo Animation Suite, and Morpheus Photo Compressor.

The Challenge

Morpheus Software needed to create an all-new program to replace their aging VB6 morphing application. Programmer time needed to be devoted to handling graphics and rendering code, and not writing an entire GUI toolkit from scratch. MFC provides power and flexibility, but does create a modern and professional GUI look by itself. Many competing products which try to provide modern Office GUI's contain enough bugs to make the entire application unusable, and some even refuse to provide fixes to known bugs!

The Solution

Morpheus Software chose Toolkit Pro with Visual C++ because of the extremely polished and accurately-reproduced Office controls available, and the quick ability of Codejock's staff to turn around support inquiries. With easy integration into any MFC project, and full source code to explore the inner workings of the toolkit, Codejock saved us years of development time.

Toolkit Pro gave us the professional look needed to compete with the type of applications users have come to expect today, with the power and flexibility needed to easily add features such as a tabbed interface, docking panes, and customizable toolbars.

The Results - Morpheus Photo Morpher

Morpheus Photo Morpher is a picture morphing application which allows you to bring your pictures to life and animate your photos! Morpheus Photo Morpher is easy to use and transforms any person or object into another right before your eyes, similar to what is seen on TV or in the movies. All you need are two digital pictures and Morpheus Photo Morpher to create your very own Hollywood-style photo effects from your own personal computer.

Suite Pro noticeably increased Morpheus Photo Morpher's conversion ratio of installers to sales. A professional looking program with a clean, modern GUI, and tons of features leaves a better impression on potential customers than a plain and outdated looking program such as what MFC alone would provide.

After switching to MFC with Toolkit Pro, Morpheus Photo Morpher is easily able to provide:

  • Tabbed interface to easily work on multiple pictures at once
  • Docking panes for important Timeline and Preview windows
  • High-quality, professional looking, customizable toolbars

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