Case Study E.d. Soft

Toolkit Pro enabled E.d. Soft Software to provide a Microsoft Office style user interface.

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Codejock components help me give the user a native Outlook style environment, which makes the user feel much more comfortable and less afraid of learning and using the application.

Yair, C.E.O., E.d.Soft

Company Brief

E.d. Soft creates business management and organization goal analyzer software for businesses in Israel.

The Challenge

E.d. Soft wanted to update the user interface in there application. They had tried several competitors' products looking for features such as Microsoft Office style toolbars and menu, which they concluded to contain too many bugs.

ED Soft

Also needed was Unicode and Right-To-Left (RTL) support since they are writing software for that will be use in Israel.

The Solution

E.d. Soft selected Suite Pro with Visual Basic over many other available solutions because Suite Pro has full Unicode and RTL support, which was critical for supporting Israeli software. The SuitePro is also easy to learn, so very little time is wasted on GUI implementation details. With low system resource consumption, it is hard to notice that the SuitePro was used. Stability is important, E.d. Soft chose the SuitePro because it provides stable components that won't crash on a user's computer.

The Results

Suite Pro drastically increased E.d. Soft's customer base by providing a friendly user interface that provides the most up-to-date Microsoft Office style user interface with highly customizable toolbars and menus. “After upgrading our application with Codejock components, 90% of our potential customers have become actual clients,” said Yair, C.E.O., E.d. Soft.

After implementing the components provided with Suite Pro, E.d. Soft's products provided:

  • Better data analyst for organization managers
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with a simple interface
  • Easy customizing for firm rules and data inputs
  • Office document management
  • All data and office management are done with one application
  • Native working environment

Contact Details

Phone: 972-3-5735176