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Toolkit Pro helped LiveChat Software to quickly deliver modern ribbon style GUI to commercial applications.

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Purchasing Toolkit Pro we have bought a set of competences and experience Codejock gained for years. This let us focus on the business side of the applications, being sure that GUI will be at top-class level.

Mariusz Cieply, CIO, LiveChat Software S.A.

LiveChat Software is a developer of communication software for business customers. Their products, based on instant messaging protocols, are LiveChat Contact Center and LiveChat Communicator. Contact Center is a live chat software for customer service and online help. It increases sales realized or supported by the internet, lowers customer service cost and augments satisfaction of the client. LiveChat Communicator is a corporate instant messenger software that allows companies to optimize internet communication with partners and between employees inside and outside the organization, through business IM channel.

The Challenge

LiveChat Software wanted to replace previously used Office 2003-style Toolkit Pro and provide customers the updated GUI with the latest ribbon-style GUI.

The Toolkit Pro has been used in LiveChat Software’s products for a few years and with the new style library release it was a natural move to start working on the new version of Contact Center and Communicator. Since product design and graphic interface are as important as its functionalities, the instant messaging applications should offer users easy access to all the features. LiveChat Software needed clean and cutting-edge GUI but also remaining high usability.

The Solution

LiveChat Software S.A. picked Toolkit Pro with Visual C++ because of its great quality/price ratio. Codejock’s solution allowed huge time saving during the application development process. Attractive price, great modern look and ability of building from provided pieces effected in creating software with business functionality and high quality GUI at the same time. Very important factor was also Codejock’s experience and impressive customer list.

"I believe, that relying on Toolkit Pro gave us an advantage over competitors on our local market. I think it played a key part in beating the competition and becoming one of the most interesting corporate IM and live chat software provider in the market. With our products, based on Codejock’s GUI, we’ve got to the point where our software is being sold globally, competing with the best and winning!" - says Mariusz Cieply, CIO at LiveChat Software.

The Results - LiveChat Contact Center

LiveChat Contact Center is a live chat and help software for online customer service and live support. In the software consisting of 3 parts: web-based administrative panel, web chat window and downloadable application, Toolkit Pro became a part of the last one and was used to create modern and friendly environment for supporting the customers and helping them online.

The Results - 'Colasoft Capsa'

Colasoft Capsa is an expert packet sniffer and protocol analyzer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosis; it monitors the network traffic transmitted over a local host and a local network, with the ability of real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes your network operations completely transparent before you, letting you isolate and troubleshoot network problems quickly and efficiently. The flexible and intuitive user interface lets either IT professionals or novice users skillfully handle it in a few moments.

The Results - LiveChat Communicator

LiveChat Communicator is a corporate instant messenger. Used in corporations provides communication between employees and external partners with secure LiveChat protocol or one of free IM protocols (such as MSN or ICQ). Toolkit Pro was used to provide modern and easy in use GUI, especially in form of eye-catching ribbon bar.

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